10 Best Boxing Shoes Reviewed & Rated

Boxing is such a real-time game where the player has to prepare for all the time and ready to make an attack on the opposite. If anyone became lazy or careless in the sports time, he/she must be failed or loss his performance. Along with the time they have to be very careful about their feet condition as well as feet support.

For-getting the proper support a perfect shoe which is specially designed for boxing is definitely need them. So a supportive, lightweight, flexible and durable shoe is mandatory for a boxing player. From numerous boxing brands and shoes, we want to find out the best boxing shoes considering all the features also with the price. Here we list some best high rated boxing shoes for men and women.

10 Best Boxing Shoes


Asics Men’s Aggressor 2 Wrestling Shoe

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Asics Men’s Aggressor 2 Wrestling Shoe is best for boxers from various kinds of shoes. It has a great outsole with a strong grip. The superb construction of this shoe makes it more durable and flexible in use. Most of the boxer, as well as a wrestler, recommend this shoe for its amazing features.


This ASICS product carries soft and form-fitting which are very durable. The lightly padded collar of this shoe with elastic ankle strap made for optimum fit as well as delivering the perfect support. It has a  lacing design to reduce the potential for irritation. Thus it offers a comfortable and improved fit.


There is also a breathable mesh lining for added extra comfort and a lightly cushioned footbed for extra support. DuoSole Outsole of this shoe reduces weight which is an attractive feature to the boxer. As the weight of a shoe is a concern for a player, this shoe makes the players more flexible to play and help them to make a great performance.


This shoe has a variety in the collection so you can get your own choice. And the most delighting thing is, the price rate of this shoe is very much affordable. You can easily buy them and enjoy a pleasant boxing time.


  • Soft, form-fitting, and durable
  • Hook and Loop Closure
  • DuoSole Outsole
  • Reduces weight
  • Enhances flexibility

  • Only one color
  • Bulky

2. Reebok Women’s Boot Boxing Shoe

Reebok Womens Boot Boxing ShoeThese women boot shoe is designed especially for women boxer and wrestler. Reebok’s has their popular shoes and this is one of them. And they are also the best shoes for boxing training for women. Because they are mostly fast and efficiently boxing shoe.

The synthetic sole flexibility as well as leather that offers the boxer more supportive. They have great ankle and feet support. So the wearer can get the perfect support in ankle and feet. And for boxing, it is very much important to have a perfect ankle supportive shoe while you are on the ring or the mat.

However, they may be a break within a certain time by rough use. And all of the size for this shoe is available. But they can be minimized with proper use of them. So should be careful about all the features it has when it is come to choose the best-reviewed boxing shoes for women.

  • Reebok Shoes
  • Rubber sole
  • Leather upper
  • Ankle and feet support
  • Synthetic sole

  • May break quickly
  • Size may run long

3. ASICS Caelr V8.0 Black/White Men’s Wrestling Shoes

ASICS Caelr V8.0 Black or White Mens Wrestling ShoesActually, ASICS is a famous brand for making the best athletics shoe. These best boxing shoes are made for the boxer and the wrestler to provide ultimate traction and flexibility while they are in the ring. High-cut design of this shoe is made for added ankle protection.

It has a synthetic leather and meshes upper for delivering the best comfort. It also provides an air controlled environment with a breathable upper. You can get a super comfortable movement if you wear this shoe for boxing. Fixed foam insole and breathable lining offer you to get the perfect cushioning.

The boxing as well wrestling-specific traction helps you most in those specific games. Try for it.

  • Shoot for a double with the ASICS Cael
  • High-cut design
  • Open mesh upper materials.
  • Fixed foam insole
  • Wrestling-specific traction

  • Runs small
  • Size may vary

4. Ringside Diablo Muay Thai MMA Boxing Shoes

Ringside Diablo

Ringside Diablo is another famous most wanted boxing shoes. They deliver some comfortable features and quality that the customer make them on the top list of boxing shoes for men.

These shoes are high-performance ring footwear that delivers that much support to the player which help them to become more energetic.  They are made of patent leather vinyl finish which is a special feature of these brand. Breathable nylon mesh pattern of these shoes give the wearer a comfortable feeling. Their feet don’t get sweaty so there is no concern for the sweaty feet of the wearer.

They have a non-slip rubber sole which provides comfort and support during competitions. So a boxer can get a super flexible movement if they wear these shoes. Make a try of these shoes.

  • High-performance ring footwear
  • Patent leather vinyl finish
  • Breathable nylon mesh pattern
  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • Provide comfort and support during competitions

  • Less ankle support
  • Laces should tight

5.Otomix Men’s Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Weightlifting MMA & Wrestling Shoes


Things We Like


    Otomix Men’s Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Weightlifting MMA & Wrestling Shoes is one of the best boxing shoes in the 2020 list. It has multi-support technology on the mat. This model is specially designed for martial arts performance like boxing, wrestling as well as any other games like this. The design of this shoe combines a lightweight environment with perfect support for these particular games.[irp]

    The upper of the shoe makes it much simpler to avoid slip-on in boxing. It also makes the shoe harder to break. With all the game features, it should be mentioned that this shoe is perfect for boxing. With extra ankle support, this shoe can make you more energetic on the court as well as deliver you the required support in the game needed. The thin sole of the shoe makes it more lightweight and flexible to use. So this is a very much preferable shoe for any kind of martial performance.


    The price rate of this famous shoe is a little bit expensive. But if you are looking for a multi-sport shoe, then Otomix Stingray Escape is best for you. You can use them in some different games. So the price can not make a great issue rather than the facilities.


    • Lightweight yet extremely durable
    • Extra ankle support
    • Thin Sole
    • Perfect for wrestling
    • Unlimited range of motion

    • Run smaller
    • Sole may feel hard

    6. ASICS JB Elite V2.0 Boxing Shoe

    ASICS JB Elite V2.0Now we list another shoe from the famous brand for making the best athletics shoe. This is ASICS. This shoe offers an improved rubber compound split sole design. It delivers both rear and fore traction which are especially needed for boxing and wrestling. A mesh upper of this shoe is designed for both comfort and mobility.

    A lace-up closure makes this shoe a perfect fit in your feet. It has been added a lightly padded for better comfort. The synthetic lining of this shoe makes it more durable.ASICS has applied a rubber outsole on JB. This outsole support for the grip so that you can get perfect support while you are boxing.

    However, they have a minimal color design. So you have to choose within the little color choice. But all the features make you more interested to have it.

    • Lace up closure
    • Lightly padded for comfort
    • Synthetic lining
    • Rubber outsole for grip
    • Flexible

    • Minimal in color
    • Laces may not durable

    7. Under Armour Men’s Toccoa

    Under Armour Toccoa

    Our honest opinion about this best boxing shoes is, they are too much cool and attractive to the boxer. Most of the famous kickboxer review them as more supportive and responsive to boxing. Under Armour IA a famous footwear brand as we all know. Under Armour, Toccoa is also very much comfortable shoes known from the customer review.

    These boxing shoes have come with an EVA midsole which provides enough support in the midfoot. The rubber outsole of these shoes makes them more durable. So you can use them for a long time. Textile and synthetic upper also provide them enough durability. High-quality traction supports the wearer in traction support. Full-length EVA Sockliner gives some extra comfort and flexibility.

    Besides all the features, these shoes have some disadvantages also. They run small sometimes which can make you in trouble. And they have some color variation. So you can’t make a color choice. But without these things, this shoe is really an amazing shoe to the boxer.

    • EVA midsole
    • Rubber outsole
    • Textile and synthetic upper
    • High-quality traction
    • Full-length EVA Sockliner

    • Runs small
    • Minimal color variety

    8.adidas Men’s Adizero Wrestling XIV-M Shoes


    Things We Like


      Adidas is a renowned brand for making the best shoes for different types of games. adidas Adizero XIV is a famous shoe with two-piece which is engineered for the performance and mobility in the mat. The rubber sole of this shoe makes it more durable. The weightless design offers a breathable movement with great flexibility. This pair of shoe design for better ankle support and perfect mobility on the ring.[irp]

      A boxer can get perfect support for this shoe. It has the capability of quick drying. So your sweaty feet may not suffer you more if you wear this amazing shoe. The sole of this shoe is very stable and gives you a natural combat movement.

      The money-back satisfaction guarantee of this shoe by AMAZON definitely delight you. So our suggestion is to collect a pair of shoes and see how they support you.

      • Rubber sole
      • Weightless design
      • Quick-drying
      • Mesh upper
      • Money back satisfaction guarantee

      • Narrow design
      • Just one color

      9. Otomix Ninja Warrior Bodybuilding Boxing shoe

      Otomix Ninja Warrior Bodybuilding Boxing Shoe Female Red White BlueOtomix Ninja Warrior Bodybuilding is another best boxing shoes for women. They are super lightweight and flexible to use. The durability of this shoe is too much extreme which is known from most of the customer’s review. A wider toe box gives you a comfortable inner feeling on the mat.

      They also offer an extra room. So you can definitely get a super comfortable feeling. With the extra ankle support, this shoe seems to you a great supportive shoe. Make a try with this shoe and enjoy great performance in boxing.

      • Lightweight
      • Extremely durable
      • Updated Stingray with a wider toe box
      • Extra room
      • Extra ankle support

      • Expensive
      • Minimal design


      adidas Unisex-Adult Speedex 18 Boxing Shoe

      Things We Like

        This is our last boxing shoe. But don’t think that this is the worst. Because there are numerous boxing shoes in the marketplace. So the top 10 are the best. And as a product of Adidas, this shoe has a very popular among the customer.

        Adidas Box Hog has a breathable mesh upper for the super comfort of the boxer. The low-profile cushioned midsole of this shoe specially designed for the boxer. A gum rubber outsole offers you the best support and durability. You can use them in the long term. Sturdy single-layer and open mesh upper of this shoe make them comfier and easy to use.

        • Breathable mesh upper
        • Low-profile cushioned midsole
        • A gum rubber outsole
        • Sure traction and grip
        • Single-layer open mesh

        • Just black in color
        • Size may vary

        Criteria to Evaluate The Best Shoes for Boxing

        The main criteria are described below:


        The weight of the shoe is one of the most important features to evaluate the best shoes for boxing 2019. In the last few decades, the weight of the shoe has been reduced for some specific reason. It can easily understand that a lightweight shoe is easy to use, easy to carry as well as support for any kind of movement. And for a real-time game like boxing, it comes to a mandatory. Now boxing shoes are lighter in general compared with the other gaming shoes like running shoes.choose boxing sheos

        Actually, there are some different reason behind the importance of the weight of a shoe. First of all, a lighter shoe allows you to move faster. Another reason is being more energetic in the court, it will offer ultra-boost movement. And obviously, a heavy shoe not only makes you slow in your movement but also grasp your more energy in every step. So when you are choosing the best shoes for boxing workout, you should keep in mind these criteria.


        This is the one factor which can help to take an upper hand on your opponent. A super flexible shoe can make you more energetic, fluent as well as advanced to win. A flexible shoe can help you to get the proper stability and strength to fight to your opponent. Best shoes for boxing class should be very flexible in use to deliver you the best support in the boxing court.

        Shoe height

        Most of the people do forget about this big factor which can mark the difference between good performance and the best one. The height of the sole of your shoe is important for different targets. But unfortunately, there is no shoe’s brand who are making the exact sole height shoe.[irp]

        However, the sole height plays a great impact on your performance. The greatest boxer has their shoe crafted based on their height preference and other factors. Our suggestion is to allow this feature with your preferable height which you can take easily.

        Shoe thickness

        Sole thickness is a very important criterion for evaluating the best shoes for boxing. It is the most under-estimated elements for a boxing shoe. We will tell you about the preferable sole thickness. But you may find different types because it varies from man to man.

        Actually sole is a very important portion for a shoe as it gets the maximum pressure of your body. So it should be more strong. It also provides you with the protection that you needed in a shoe. Every one of us wants an easy movement as the sole of the shoe should be thick. But too thick sole may feel you more easy to carry but doesn’t last long. So you should choose a minimum width of sole with good material.

        The FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

        1. Does wrestling shoe can be used for boxing shoe or like other?

        Ans: Actually wrestling shoes are different design and structure but some shoe’s brand make some shoes with a special feature in a combination of boxing as well as wrestling. Some additional features are given by some brands in a pair of shoe. So when you want these two kinds of shoe features in only a pair of shoe, you have to know about the features of them.

        2. How do I can know which shoe’s height is better for me? Is there any particular strategy?

        Ans: For collecting the right shoe with height, you should wear them and try yourselves. However, our shoe’s height portion may help you in this regard.

        3. Can I use boxing shoe for my gym time?

        Ans: In the gym, you have to lift your body with a heavy component. So it is not preferable to use boxing shoe in gym time. But you can use low or medium one at the gyms ignoring the high ones. The choice is obviously yours, but it may cause different types of foot pain.

        4. Should I wash my shoes with machine washing?

        Ans: Actually machine washing is not preferable for all kind of shoes.Because excessive heat may misshape your shoe. So don’t let your shoe in machine washing. And if you are so interested to do this, make you’re about the low temperature of the machine.

        5.From where I can buy the best boxing shoes for women as well as men?

        Ans: Amazon is the best place for buying any kind of shoes online. You can choose different types of boxing shoes to form their huge collections. They usually offer the best prices for their products. Their selling policy is very much user-friendly and comfortable.

        Conclusion: Finally, we hope that our review will help you to get the best boxing shoes. Read out all the features carefully to get the perfect shoe for you.

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