10 Best Non Slip Shoes for Restaurant Workers

Whether you are working in a dining environment or a trendy restaurant, you have to stay on your feet for the most hours of the day. A restaurant is a place where there are too many people gathered, fast-paced, requiring everyone to come from customers. So a high-quality pair of shoes with both comfort and support is appropriate for this job. For keeping you safe from any slipping on the surface, you must have a good slip resistant shoe. That’s why here we list the best non slip shoes for restaurant.

Things to remember

Now let’s break down actually what is slip resistant shoe. The shoe which protects you from slipping on the surface with all the quality it has is called a slip-resistant shoe. The shoe should be lightweight, breathable, flexible and durable also. A good combination of memory foam sole, rubber sole, soft synthetic lining, proper traction, ultra-boost technology, shock absorbable, mesh and synthetic lining, Ortholite® footbed, air-controlled features a shoe slip resistant. You should keep in mind that the materials should be long-lasting and durable that can protect yours from any kind of injury.

10 Best Non Slip Shoes for Restaurant

1. Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe

Best Non Slip Shoes for Restaurant Workers

The Jungle Moc shoes from Merrell are a high-quality option which is suited for any man working in a restaurant establishment or trendy dining. Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc is a famous shoe with any workers who have to stand all day long on their feet. As in the restaurant, the workers are working the whole day so it is perfectly preferable to them.

The most attractive features of this shoe are its inside. It has a super breathable lining best to provide enough comfort. It is definitely one of the best non slip shoes for restaurant workers.

Jungle Moc has water-resistant pig suede or leather upper with dual instep goring which provides a secure yet flexible fit. Merrell has a technology to remove footbed with organic odor control. This pair of Jungle Moc has excellent traction with a durable rubber outsole with pronounced lug pattern. This shoe has a compression molded EVA footframe for providing cushioning and soft pigskin lining for a comfortable fit.


  • Nubuck leather upper
  • Sure-grip outsole
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Organic odor control
  • Absorbs shock and adds stability


  • May not waterproof
  • A bit stiff


Stico Men’s Slip Resistant Chef Clogs, Professional Non-Slip Work Shoes with Air Vents for Restaurant Hospital Nursing Garden [Black]

Things We Like


    This shoe is very much attractive to the customer. Because it comes with some amazing features like slip resistant, oil resistant as well as water resistant. Three amazing resistance features make this shoe a great choice for the workers. If you have a headache with your shoe that falls you at any time while you are serving foods to the customer or pass a heavy order to supply. Then you should buy this safe step Men’s Expo Runner shoe.

    With resistant features, this footwear gives you better comfort and flexibility. You can wear it for 24 hours with its comfort insole. It also features a smooth upper with mesh insert, laces for proper fit. Comfort insole supports you all day and breathable fabric repels liquid is kept your feet dry and allows airflow to keep your feet cool. The insoles have superior cushion and padding for both support and flexibility.

    So if you are looking for the best non slip shoes for restaurant servers, this shoe is perfect for you. Have a try and make your working time pleasant.


    • Slip Resistant and Oil Resistant
    • Water-resistant
    • 24 hours comfort Insole
    • A smooth upper with mesh insert
    • Breathable fabric repels liquid


    • Size may vary
    • Toe portion is not safe enough

    3. Dockers Men’s Society Slip Resistant Slip-On

    Dockers Mens Society Slip Resistant Slip On

    This best shoes for restaurant work is perfect for any dining establishment or a night out. Dockers are designed for service professional especially. It is a high-class option for the restaurant worker who has to stand all day long and supply the foods to the customers. It is made of super durable features and high-quality materials.

    Water-repelling smooth leather makes it water resistant. The footwear has a square toe so there is enough space for your toe portion. Comfortable elastic goring delivers flexibility to move on with the elastic features. A slip-resistant outsole makes it slip-resistant so that if you are looking for super footwear with slip-resistant features, Dockers Slip-Resistant Slip-On is perfect for you.


    • Designed for service professional
    • Water-repelling smooth leather
    • Square Toe
    • Comfortable elastic goring
    • Slip-resistant outsole.


    • Outer may peel off
    • Size may vary

    4. Skechers for Work Men’s Felton Slip Resistant

    Skechers for Work Mens Felton Slip Resistant

    This Skechers has all the quality that need for working in a restaurant. If you are looking for a slip resistant shoe for restaurant work this shoe may fulfill for your all demands and needs. With memory foam padded insole this Sneaker delivers you a soft inner feeling in your feet. So can easily concentrate on your working.

    Soft fabric shoe lining, synthetic overlays, shock absorbing midsole, electrical hazard safe design, OSHA-complaint nitrile outsole, padded tongue, and collar make the footwear a great choice to the customer. All the features are user-friendly and slip resistant.

    As sneakers are known as special for a relaxed fit design that they provide feet with roomier fit and comfort. This sneaker also has everything for removing your concern for falling on the floor while working. So we suggest you collect this sneaker on your own and enjoy a pleasant working environment.


    • Memory foam padded insole
    • Soft fabric shoe lining
    • Synthetic overlays
    • Shock absorbing midsole
    • Electrical hazard safe design


    • Noisy
    • Outer leather may wear out


    Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Mcallen Food Service Shoe

    Things We Like

      These shoes are from ‘MOZO’, a famous slip resistant shoe with a stylish look. It is the best slip-resistant shoe ever which is well known from the customer review. The consumers of this shoe have a very positive experience of using the shoe.

      It is a slip-on shoe with excellent cushioning as well as comfort. A removable gel-cushioned insole makes the footwear easy to use. The non-slip rubber outsole makes it slip resistant. So while you are on serving dishes in the restaurant, this shoe protects you from any kind of slipping on the surface.[irp]

      There is a leather synthetic upper of the shoe. It features side vents for extra comfort and flair. The insole is removable so that you can clean your shoe when it needs. The shoe is not only slipping resistant but also oil resistant. Considering all the features it has, it positions itself 1st in the list of best non slip shoes for restaurant. So you can easily choose this shoe for your working place.


      • Slip-on work shoe
      • Removable gel-cushioned insole
      • Non-slip rubber outsole
      • Slip-resistant shoes
      • Side vents for extra comfort.


      • Tight in the heel
      • The toe box is narrow


      Skechers for Work Men’s Cottonwood Goddard Twin Gore Slip Resistant Slip On

      Things We Like



        From the most famous sneaker throughout the world, Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Mcallen Food Service Shoe is one of them. This sneaker is perfect for restaurant workers in that it provides them great comfort and traction. It is a slip-resistant shoe with a grippe slip-resistant outsole. This outsole makes it worthy of non-slip shoes for restaurant servers.

        This lace-up sneaker features a leather upper with a padded collar which gives your feet a perfect cushioning. You can stand all day long in your workplace if you put on this footwear. The removable cushioned insole makes it very easy to clean when it needs. Smooth leather upper, classic lace-up styling, and handsome overlays deliver you enough support when you deliver foods to the customer.

        This popular brand provides a perfect user-friendly environment with this shoe. The shoe offers superb traction on a number of different slippery surfaces so that you may not fall on the floor and face an embarrassing situation.

        So for all the features, the shoe has we can definitely suggest you own it. Hopefully, you are attracted by this sneaker easily and like our review.


        • Lace-up sneaker
        • Leather upper with padded collar
        • Removable cushioned insole
        • Grippy slip-resistant outsole
        • Contoured insole


        • The material may too stiff
        • Color wears off the leather


        Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Men’s Winder II Work Shoe

        Things We Like

          This SafeTstep Mens Slip and Oil Resistant shoe is another great choice for slip resistant shoe. It delivers amazing features with lightweight, flexible and other qualities which make it on the top of the list of best non slip shoes for restaurant.

          The shoe has a slip resistant outsole and a lightweight flexible mid-sole that make it comfortable and safe for your every step in works. The shoe has a lace up design to ensure that it fit is perfect for all-day wear. It features a leather upper with a round toe. This shoe gives you perfect taste with a variety of design and style selection from the normal brands.

          A shock absorption, the friction-free condition provides your feet not so dry not so wet. You can work extra hours wearing this shoe with super cushioning and comfort.


          • Slip-resistant outsole
          • Shock absorption, friction-free condition
          • Lightweight flexible midsole
          • A full lace-up front
          • Leather upper with a round toe


          • Slipping in motor oil
          • Don’t last very long


          Skechers for Work Men’s Cottonwood Goddard Twin Gore Slip Resistant Slip On

          Things We Like


            This sneaker is actually made for the workers came from the customer’s review details. Rockland Hooper Work Slip-On Shoe is another shoe from the most famous brand Rockland. They are meticulously designed with super durability and comfort. The shortest review of this shoe is, it is safe to use in a number of different work environments.[irp]

            If we break down all the features the shoe have then you become amazing and interested to collect. It is a leather slip-on shoe that protects you from any kind of slipping in any circumstances. But the thing is if you are so fast to step on then there is a risk to slip on. It has reinforced the stitching. A memory-foam insole provides a super soft feeling when you are on the step.

            It features a padded collar for all-day comfort. There is a soft fabric lining for breathability. So you can wear this shoe all day long without any sweat. Removable comfort insole offers extra cushioning. A shock-absorbent midsole keeps your feet in a normal temperature environment. No smell, no sweat become you anxious for any wired situation. It is the non slip shoes for restaurant.


            • Leather slip-on shoe
            • Reinforced stitching,
            • Memory-foam insole
            • Gore panels at instep
            • Soft fabric lining


            • Not for wide feet
            • Toe protection may not enough

            9. Skechers Flex Advantage Mcallen for men’s

            Skechers Flex Advantage Mcallen for men’s



            Skechers Flex Advantage Mcallen for men’s is combines of Cool sporty style and all-day comfort. This Skechers prosperity comes from its high quality, expanded, and reasonable product offering that fulfill the consumer’s different way of life needs.

            Mesh fabric upper, slip-resistant traction outsole, padded collar, memory foam insole all the features and functionality of this footwear provide you with proper support and comfort. It delivers perfect cushioning in your feet that you can make a concentrate on your activities.

            This shoe has poor arch support and a minimal number of color. But without this demerits, these sneakers feature all the quality that a restaurant shoe should have. So you can try these best non slip shoes for restaurant.


            • Mesh fabric upper
            • Slip-resistant traction outsole
            • Padded collar
            • Memory foam insole
            • Stylish


            • Poor arch support
            • Minimal number of color

            10. Skechers Men’s Synergy-Tal Slip-Resistant Work Shoe

            Skechers Men’s Synergy Tal Slip Resistant Work Shoe

            These Slip-Resistant Work Shoes are a superior and affordable choice also. They look similar to the high-quality shoes in appearance. However, this shoe has some delighting features to attract you much. A good number of features make it perfect for your working environment. The features designed for making your work life easier.

            The shoe has a relaxable fit with a rubber sole and memory foam. An electrical hazard protects you from any electrical injury. That is an amazing and important feature of this footwear. You can feel safe when you wear this sneaker. Safety toe and slip resistance feature more flexibility to your workplace. Stabilizing heel overlays keep your feet at the right position in the shoe.

            These shoes have a shock-absorbing cushion to reduce fatigue. So you can be tension free if you have sweaty feet. The outlook of this shoe is very much attractive with all the features. So you can bring this shoe to your shoe collection.


            • Relax fit
            • Electrical hazard
            • Rubber sole, memory foam
            • Safety toe and slip resistance
            • Stabilizing heel overlays.


            • Best suit for wider feet
            • May wore holes

            Criteria for Evaluating Best Shoes for Restaurant

            For evaluating the best shoes for restaurant workers, there are some certain features that everyone should be kept in memory. Because if you are newer in this job or have no experience with the working experience, you must take help from any expertise or a famous shoe’s site review. For this reason, we find out the criteria for choosing the best non slip restaurant shoes. And it is too much clear to anyone that every different profession have different types of works. So definitely the footwear they put on must be different from job to job.

            There are many features that deliver the restaurant workers a super comfortable movement. But the main and foremost criteria’s are mentioned below with our great research:

            Slip Resistant

            This is the first and foremost feature that require as a mandatory for the restaurant shoes. The kitchen and the restaurant may become slippery by falling water, oil, food particle which can lead to a dangerous accident. Thus the workers of a restaurant may have a big injury. So a slip-resistant shoe is a must for them. Not only for their safety but also for their comfort and performance, this feature is a crying need for them.

            Good non-slip shoes can protect you and any other people as well. This is extremely important to have a slip-resistant outsole. The outsole of your shoe should have a good pattern of traction support on various surfaces.

            Arch Support

            To be more stable for the restaurant job the shoe should be more arch support for being the best restaurant work shoes. The arch support delivers the workers a perfect and safe step on the watery, oily and any other surfaces. And as the restaurant workers have to be very much busy with serving food, menus, collecting order, giving a greeting to the customers and so on, so they need good arch support. So when you are looking for the best restaurant shoes, you should notice about the criteria.

            Non-marking outsoles

            This feature may be ignorable to many of the customers. But it is really an important feature for this special profession. Because non-marking outsole makes the work environment more functional as well as more productive. Non-marking outsoles of the shoes will not spread the oil or water so that you can prevent your accident. On-marking shoes make you more stable in the place where you standing.[irp]

            Non-marking outsole helps you to protect the surrounding area and the people who are working on it. So you need to remember the useful feature for keeping you safer in your workplace.


            Actually, there is no need for the comfort of any other shoes. Because every person in every profession needs a comfortable shoe for daily uses. So it is very obvious that the restaurant shoes should be very much comfortable and flexible.

            While you are collecting restaurant shoes, make sure that the materials are flexible and lightweight. This means the shoe will not rub against your skin to cause any kind of skin problem like blisters which make you sick in your working time. So be careful about the comfort of your shoe.


            And last, of all the features, support is mandatory for the restaurant workers. A super supportive shoe gives them more confident and flexibility to work. You have to be very energetic in this profession. Therefore you need that level of support in a different portion of the footwear you wear.

            You should look for the best ankle support, heel support, arch support for getting the best restaurant shoe.

            The FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

            1. Why I need a non-slip shoe for my restaurant working time?

            Ans: Actually considering all your working situation and researching the customer reviews, it came forward that a slip-resistant shoe can deliver the best comfort to a restaurant worker. This kind of shoe delivers you the best support rather than others. They also protect you in your working time and let you keep your concentration in your job. After using a non-slip shoe, we hope you also prefer this type of shoe for a restaurant worker.

            2. What brands are making the best non-slip shoes?

            Ans: It very difficult to say about which brand is best. Because different brands have come forward with different features. And most are have a special one. But the popular brands for non-slip shoes are Vans, Crocs, Birkenstock and Mozo. Merrel, Keens, Adidas are also making the slip-resistant shoe. You should collect them with the features you require the most.

            3. Should I use machine washing for cleaning my shoe?

            Ans: Actually to clean your shoe is very much important. But machine washing sometimes makes your shoe loose fitting or sometimes tight fitting. So we recommend air dry to clean your shoe or a home hand clean. Basically, you can easily wash your shoe at home and get a clean look.

            4. How much support do I need for my restaurant shoe?

            Ans: You need great support in your restaurant shoe. Because you have to stand all day in your job as well as busy with a different task. So enough supportive shoe with great grip and heel supportive shoe is needed for you. Definitely a supportive shoe helps you to work with joy and pleasure.

            5. How I get a cushioned along with non-slip shoe? Is it very much necessary?

            Ans: Obviously it is a necessary thing to have comfortable and non-slip shoes for restaurant workers. Because work shoes in the restaurant have to deliver you that much comfort to pass your job properly and also help you to protect from the slip. You can get a cushioned along with non-slip shoe by reading our best shoes for restaurant work reviews. You can also find the best non-slip shoes on different sites.

            If you read out thoroughly our content, hopefully, you will find the best restaurant shoes for you. Our suggestion is to read out carefully all the features of a shoe as well as the customer reviews. By following this process, you can easily collect the best shoe for your working time.

            Conclusion: Last, of all we can ensure you that if you read out our best non slip shoes for restaurant reviews very carefully, you can easily find out the best shoe for you. We are tried our best to figure out all the best non-slip shoes for restaurant workers. All the features we listed are valid and true. Hopefully, our content will help you a lot to have your best work shoe.

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