7 Best Shoes for Bartenders Review

A bartender is a person who is serving the customer. As you have a tendency to go to a bar, you also should have a shoe for a bar.

It is very common to become messy in the bar. There are full of the crowd with a great hassle. The bar gets messy with full of drinks, ice spills. There may even broken glass. So it is very much important to get the right pair of shoe.

As a bartender, you have to work with a full stiff on your feet. You have to move back and forth with the call of the customers. Therefore, the best pair of the shoe keeps you protected.

If you are not sure from where you start to get the best shoes for bartenders. Here is a list of the best work shoes for bartenders. you can easily choose the right pair of shoe for you. Let’s start.

7 Best Shoes for Bartenders

1. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Vibram Boot

Best shoes for bartendersThis is our first shoe in the list of best work shoes for bartenders. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Vibram Boot is a name of the quality pair for bartenders. This shoe is good looking footwear with amazing cushion and support. That’s why it is our top choice.

They are made of 100 percent leather. They have triple stitched quality. So they are very durable as the stitched take very much quality. This Red Wing Heritage footwear in a store is a great recommended to get the perfect fit. They are very much colorful also.

This shoe features a mini-lug outsole. It is called Nitrile Cork. It is helping a wearer to add some extra cushion. A new pair of this shoe should fit comfortably tight on your foot. It provides flexibility with enough room. It also helps to freely wiggle your toes.

Besides all the features, there is some concern for this shoe. Because they are very much expensive to afford for someone. And they are not waterproof. Though the bartender’s shoe doesn’t need to be waterproof, we mention this for your notice.

  • Triple stitched quality, perfect fit
  • Vibram 430 Mini-lug outsole, Nitrile Cork
  • with enough room to freely wiggle your toes
  • Features a bump toe for more room up-front
  • Outsole-Nitrile Cork, Steel shank

  • Highly expensive
  • Not waterproof at all

2. Crocs Men’s and Women’s Bistro Clog | Slip Resistant Comfort Slip On Work Shoe

Crocs Mens and Womens Bistro ClogCrocs is a famous brand for both men and women. These best work shoes for bartenders are from Crocs. This Crocs Men’s and Women’s Bistro Clog is a unisex shoe. They are proper in support and comfort.

This shoe has a Crocs Lock slip-resistant tread. This feature is own by Crocs. It keeps the user to become safe and secure. Because it protects the wearer from a slippery situation. And it is an essential feature for the bartenders.

The shoe has an enclosed toe design. It also features a thicker metatarsal area which helps to protect the foot from kitchen spills. The croslite material construction of this shoe makes it lightweight and durable also.

These unisex shoes are easy to clean with soap and water. A contoured footbed is added to the comfort. The heel strap adds a more secure fit. You can be the ease with room for charms. Make the first try with this shoe and enjoy your bar time.

  • Crocs Lock slip-resistant tread.
  • area help protect foot from kitchen spills
  • Croslite material construction make it lightweight yet durable
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Heel strap for a more secure fit

  • They are not slip-resistant
  • Not enough ventilation holes

3. Dansko Women’s Xp 2.0 Clog

Dansko Womens Xp 2.0 ClogDansko is a name of style, excellence, and support. These best shoes for female bartenders are from this famous brand. Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clog is a super choice for them who looking for a lightweight shoe with a stylish look.

The shoe accommodates most of the shoe’s standard and custom orthotics. It has a protective heel counter. This heel counter allows the heel to move up and down freely. It is also providing lateral stability for the busy movement.

The leather uppers of this are Nubuck. It is treated with 3M Scotchgard protector which is added for stain resistance. The shoe features a patent-pending stapled construction. It has Dansko’s Natural Arch technology to give flexibility. Memory foam is offered to cushion and support.

  • Accommodates most standard and custom orthotics.
  • allows the heel to move up and down freely
  • with 3M Scotchgard protector for stain resistance.
  • Patent-pending stapled construction.
  • PU footbed with Dansko Natural Arch technology

  • Expensive
  • Size may vary

4.Dr. Martens Men’s Boyle Slip-On Loafer

Dr. Martens Mens Boyle Slip On Loafer

This slip on by Dr. Martens is a great choice for them who are looking for a stylish and multi-purpose shoe. You can use them in the bar as well as an outing, meeting or something like that. They are made on rubber.

This men’s slip-on shoe is deconstructed in a heavyweight leather. It is built with a subtle grained finish. The shoe has a subtle rib detail around the heel. It can protect your heel as well as provide the proper support.

The shoe has a signature welt and air-cushioned sole which is their own signature. It makes to complete the look. The shoe has a comfort sock liner. So you can guess how much comfort it is.

These casual Comfort collections from Dr. Marten’s brings together a simple and clean design. They are built to last a long time. We hope you will like them after using a pair of shoe.

  • Bundle includes Ware to Work bandana.
  • slip-on shoe is unlined and deconstructed
  • heavyweight leather with a subtle grained finish
  • a subtle rib detail around the heel
  • Our signature welt and air-cushioned sole complete the look
  • Lined with the Dr. Martens softwair comfort sock liner

  • Minimal color option
  • expensive

5. New Balance Men’s MID626K2 Slip Resistant Lace-Up Shoes

New Balance Mens MID626K2 Slip Resistant Lace Up ShoesNew Balance is a renowned brand that there is nothing to say about their products. This shoe is from New Balance. This New Balance Men’s MID626K2 Slip Resistant Lace-Up Shoes is a great choice for bartenders.

They have 100% leather which provides the soft upper. They are imported. The shoe has a rubber sole. It offers perfect durability. An Imeva midsole is added to this shoe. This midsole offers extra soft feeling.

The shoe features an Abzorb crash pad in the heel. Thus the heel offers amazing heel support. The shoe has a slip-resistant outsole. It allows the bartenders to keep away from a sudden fall on. The non-marking outsole gives proper stability.

The shoe has some several color option. If you are so stylish or choosy about the color of your shoe, you can get several options. You can choose a colorful one from them. Collect them and enjoy your working time with more pleasure.

  • Rubber sole
  • Imeva midsole
  • Abzorb crash pad in heel
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Non-marking outsole

  • May feel heavy
  • Size may vary

6. Dr. Martens Women’s 1460 8-Eye High-Top Leather Boot

Dr. Martens Womens 1460 8 Eye BootWe continue our writings with this supportive brand Dr. Martens. This is our second shoe from this brand. They are considered the best shoes for female bartenders. This shoe is an excellent choice for durability. They are oil resistant. They are slip resistant also. Let’s break down the other features of this shoe.

These comfortable boots have four fashionable finishes. This shoe is very light to carry. Everyone looks for a lighter shoe. The shoe is built with leather materials. Above ankle height and superior leather provides excellent foot as well as ankle support.

The shoe has a slip-resistant sole. Working behind the bar is sometimes causes slippery situations. This feature keeps you protected. The sole also adds friction. It has eight-eyelet lacing system. The sole is also capable of absorbing the shock.

However, this shoe costs you high money to purchase. This may a great concern for you. And they look bulky to some customer. So you should remember all these things before owning them.

  • Leather
  • Manmade sole
  • Eight-eyelet lacing
  • Shock absorbing sole
  • Extra-large pull-on loop at back

  • Too much expensive
  • Looks bulky

7. Skechers Men’s Flex Advantage Sr

Skechers Mens Flex Advantage SrLast but not least, these best shoes for bartenders are very popular with the customers. Skechers Men’s Flex Advantage Sr is a sneaker for workers. They have a great formal look with other flexibility. Let’s look for the other features.[irp]

The shoe is made of 50 percent mesh or 50 percent leather. These two materials are very much comfortable for any of the professions. The shoe has a synthetic sole. The sole is also slip resistant. Thus this sole provides excellent slip resistance capability and performance.

The shoe has a cool mesh panel. It allows you to keep your feet right in temperature. The shoe has excellent shock absorption technology.  This technology allows you to move freely, feel easy as well as light. It gives you a relax fit also.

This shoe with memory foam is very much comfortable and supportive. But they are only black in color and the sizing may vary.

  • 50% Mesh or 50% Leather
  • Slip resistant, synthetic sole
  • Cooling mesh panel
  • Relax fit
  • Memory foam

  • Only black in color
  • Size may vary

Feature to Choose The Best Bartenders Shoes

There are some features that you should care for. They are:

best shoes for Bartenders

Comfort: Comfort is the first and foremost feature for any kind of footwear. Basically, people use footwear to add comfort for moving. And if the footwear they use cannot provide the proper comfort, there is no reason to use it. So whenever you are looking for the best shoes for bartenders, comfort is the first criteria you should look for. Comfort and cushioning depend on some other particular feature. Like the size, shape, and stability of a shoe. Size can fulfill the proper cushion because it suits to your feet properly. The shape is also like sizing. And the stability of a shoe maximizes the comfort. Therefore, you should look for all the features to get a perfect comfort.[irp]

Outsole: Outsole is another part of a shoe which provide better support to the bartenders. It allows them to move and serve customer service properly. A supportive outsole offers the flexibility of moving. As a bartender pass a busy time in a working hour, a durable outsole is important for them. The tread pattern of a shoe indicates how comfortable an outsole is. The outsole materials also carry the level of support. Normally, the rubber outsole is preferable. You can check out different types of outsole available in the market.

Upper: Upper of a shoe reveals the appearance. But most of us don’t think about the cushioning of an upper. It covers the front part of your feet. Soft, comfy leather material is offered the best snug.

Style: A bartender always tries to catch an attractive look. Their service depends much on their smartness, appearance as well as attitude. So most of the bartenders want to have a colorful and stylish shoe. There are different types of the stylish shoe in the market. You can collect any one of that. But you must keep in mind that, you should not ignore the support and comfort of getting a stylish one. Comfort and support is the main feature which allows anyone to pass the daily life more pleasantly.

Awesome List of 7 Best Bartender Shoes

Finally, we can ensure you that you can find the right pair of shoes if you carefully read out our reviews. These best shoes for bartenders are also popular among the other bloggers. Most of the shoes have the popularity for their support, cushion, and comfort.

Make the right choice of shoe. Enjoy your working on bar. Enjoy your daily life…!

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