5 Best Shoes for Drop Foot

best shoes for drop foot

Foot drop is a serious foot problem which is suffered by many people. It is nowadays a common problem. The sufferers bear a painful life in their daily circumstances. Supportive footwear which is specially built for drop foot can minimize their fatigue.

Most of the bloggers are recommended for foot drop Sufferers Z-CoiL, Nike, Keen, New Balance, Ecco, Hush Puppies, Avia, and Brooks Adrenaline brand. They are considered as being lines and styles to give the best comfort to the drop feet people.

Basically, we describe the shoes with their benefits and demerits also. Here is all the same. We include the shoes with their pros and cons which indicates the profit and concern of the shoe respectively. We also try to mention the price rate so that you can take the decision whether you are able to buy the shoe or not. The color option and sizing are also mentioning here. Have a look at our review. We hope you can easily choose the best shoes for drop foot from our list.

Best Shoes for Drop Foot

1. Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear Women’s Legend Rugged Outsole

Best Shoe for Drop Foot problemZ-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear Women’s Legend Rugged Outsole Enclosed Coil Black Leather Tennis Shoe is renowned shoe as the best shoes for drop foot. They are from Z-CoiL which is a very familiar brand for making the best shoes for drop feet. You can find them out on many popular websites that are giving a review for the best drop shoes.

This shoe is very well-known to the workhorse. You can feel awesome and looks amazing. The shoe has some support features for offering the best support for drop foot. Let’s describe the features.

The shoe has a full-grain leather. it is so soft to the touch as well as very durable over time. This full-grain leather offers perfect cushioning all the time. And the leather materials provide you with a comfortable movement.

The shoe has extra padding in the collar. It has also extra padding in the tongue. An inside lining of this shoe cradle your foot in comfort. Steel eyelets make getting easy in and out a breeze. The forefront flex line, as well as a rocker bottom, delivers the perfect comfy movement.

These best shoes for foot drop have a molded heel counter with breathability holes. Thus the wearer can get the proper heel support. It also provides the perfect air circulation through the holes. This model adds the long-lasting, rugged outsole. The special feature of this shoe is a replaceable enclosed CoiL. This footwear is an original spring shoe designed to relieve severe foot, leg, and back pain.  Collect them for a better comfortable movement.

  • Built-in rigid Z-Orthotic to protect
  • reducing the pain of plantar faciitis, heel spurs, and arthritis.
  • Patented conical heel spring the Z-CoiL.
  • a wide toe box relieves joint pain and pressure.
  • Forefront flex line and a rocker bottom Genuine full-grain soft leather

  • Too much expensive
  • Looks bulky

2. Vionic Women’s Rest Joan Mule

Vionic Womens Rest Joan MuleVionic is one of the top-ranked company in the industry of footwear. It has been established in 1979. They work with a mission to make shoes with proper care and comfort. They make shoes for different types of patients, athletes, and professions. A long experienced has used to produce the shoes.

This Vionic Women’s Rest Joan Mule is a famous shoe of Vionic. It has huge customer demand for the perfect cushioning and support for drop foot. It is a great pick for a casual shoe specially designed for women with drop-foot from Vionic. They are made of leather materials. It provides the best comfort for drop foot.

The shoe has a Microfiber Covered EVA Footbed. EVA footbed is a great footbed for drop foot. It offers perfect cushioning. It also adds the proper fitting to the wearer’s feet.  A durable rubber outsole is added to this shoe for providing the best stability. It makes the shoe long-lasting so that a user can use it for a long period of time.

This Vionic shoe has an APMA Seal of Acceptance. Therefore, you can guess the quality of the shoe as well the comfort. And it can be stated assure that this seal reveals that you can give trust in this product.

A beaded rosette steals of this shoe make them look like a luxurious slip-on. So stylish women can easily choose them. A hook-and-loop closure of this shoe makes a super comfortable step on. This shoe also offers an innovative biomechanical environment.

However, they have some demerits too. The sizing may vary from person to person. And there is the minimal color option of this shoe. But all the other features make you interested to collect them. Make a hurry to pick them on.

  • Leather or Suede Upper
  • Microfiber Covered EVA Footbed
  • Durable Rubber Outsole
  • APMA Seal of Acceptance
  • offers innovative biomechanical

  • Size may vary
  • Minimal color option

3. WITHIN Men’s Cross-Trainer | Barefoot & Minimalist Shoe | Zero Drop Sole | Wide Toe Box


Things We Like



    This is our other shoe from Vionic. This slip on men’s shoe is offered the best support to the drop foot.  And drop foot is a serious problem for the age-old persons and sometimes who are working so hard. This is caused by frequent movement or heavy physical exercise. These best shoes to wear for foot drop are super comfortable, breathable and flexible to use.

    This shoe is made of leather. All of us know that leather is offered the perfect cushion both in midsole and outsole. It has a rubber sole. And the rubber material provides the perfect traction as well as tolerance to the wearer.

    The shoe features a suede, nubuck quality. A nylon mesh upper adds to this shoe. This nylon mesh upper offers an extra cushion for drop foot. The shoe also has a biochemical orthotic footbed. This orthotic footbed offers amazing support for the sufferer.

    We hope you like the shoe very much. But they are only brown in color. And the price is a little bit high. Otherwise, all the features make interested you to purchase them. Make a try with these best shoes for drop foot.

    • Leather and Import
    • Rubber sole
    • Suede, nubuck, nylon mesh upper
    • Biochemical orthotic footbed
    • Rubber outsole

    • Only brown in color
    • Little bit expensive

    4. Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear Men’s Legend Slip Resistant

    Z CoiL Pain Relief Footwear Mens Legend Slip ResistantZ-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear Men’s Legend Slip Resistant Enclosed Coil Black Leather Tennis Shoe is the best shoes to wear for foot drop. These shoes are provided the capability for a comfortable fit. And this brand Z-CoiL is known best for the drop foot footwear’s brand. Most of the blogger pick their shoes from this brand as best shoes for drop foot.

    The shoe is built-in rigid Z-Orthotic. This is a special feature for any people who have a bad foot. It is designed to protect and support plantar ligaments. It can reduce the pain of plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and arthritis problem.

    The shoe contains a patented conical heel spring which is owned by the Z-CoiL. It is helped to reduce up to 50 percent of the impact. This is really a delighting feature. Because it eases overall fatigue and back pain. So the drop foot people can get a comfortable and easy way to move to and fro.

    The shoe has a forefront cushioning that shields delicate toe joints. It keeps the wearer flexible to the toe portion. In the ligaments and tendons, there is a wide toe box to relieve joint pain and pressure. Thus this shoe becomes a great choice for the drop foot people as well the people who have bad pain in heel, tendons, and ligaments also.

    A forefront flex line along with a rocker bottom sole is added to aid a fluid, natural walking motion. A rubber sole of this shoe is built for additional slip resistance. It is a feature that can keep the users safe from some slippery situations.

    The full-grain leather of this shoe is soft to the touch and very much durable over time. Collect these best shoes for foot drop and enjoy a safe movement.

    • provided for comfortable fit.
    • Built-in rigid Z-Orthotic to protect and support.
    • Patented conical heel spring – the Z-CoiL
    • 3/4″ forefront cushioning shields delicate toe joints, ligaments, and tendons
    • Rubber sole for additional slip resistance.

    • Highly expensive
    • Only black in color

    5.  New Balance Men’s Mx608v4

    New Balance Mens Mx608v4New Balance Men’s Mx608v4 is another best shoes for foot drop in our list. New Balance is a popular brand who are capable to fulfill the customer demand. They have some amazing shoes for different types of people. They care for their customers so that customer gives trust in their product.

    This shoe is contained 100 percent leather as an element. And a rubber sole is added for durability. A dual-density collar is offered the best flexibility. The shoe features a padded mesh tongue. It provides a soft, cloudy movement.

    A breathable textile lining of this shoe gives the wearer a proper airflow capability. So there is no sweat or bad smell. The EVA footbed makes the shoe capable of offering stability. It is very much important for the drop foot.

    This shoe is available from cheap to an expensive price. So you can collect them with your own budget. And there are huge collections of the design of this shoe. You can easily pick a desirable one from them.

    • 100% leather and rubber sole
    • dual-density collar and padded mesh tongue
    • Breathable textile lining and EVA footbed
    • IMEVA midsole. 10 mm drop
    • Non-marking rubber outsole

    • Size may vary
    • May fit smaller

    6. Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear Women’s Sidewinder Black Sandal

    Z CoiL Pain Relief Footwear Womens Sidewinder Black SandaZ-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear Women’s Sidewinder Black Sandal is another best shoes for drop foot. The shoe is very much popular and owns the Z-CoiL brand. The shoe has a patented coil in the heel. it can reduce impact by 50 percent. It is helping to reduce foot, leg and back pain. You can get comfortable and relax movement with this shoe.

    Definitely, this is an amazing feature for any kind of person. The shoe has a built-in rigid orthotic. it protects and supports your foot. It is eliminating foot pain, plantar fasciitis, and heel spurs. So people with drop foot can get relieved also.

    The company is added extra cushioning in the front of the shoe. It is added to protect the ball of your foot and toes. Thus you can get a flexible movement. There is a wide toe box, forefoot flex line, and a rocker bottom in the shoe. These features create a natural walking motion. While you are moving, it will help for relieving joint pain and pressure.

    But there are some demerits of this shoe also. And as a true reviewer, we also state them. The half sizes of this shoe are not available. You have to order the next size up. So this becomes a concern for you. And the shoe is very much expensive to afford. You have to keep in mind all the things about this shoe.

    • A patented coil in the heel reduces impact by 50%, reducing foot, leg and back pain.
    • A built-in rigid orthotic protects and supports your foot, eliminating foot pain, plantar fasciitis, and heel spurs.
    • Extra cushioning is added in the front of the shoe to protect the ball of your foot and toes.
    • A wide toe box, forefoot flex line, and a rocker bottom create a natural walking motion while relieving joint pain and pressure.
    • Half sizes not available, order the next size up. Example: Women’s 8.5 should order a Women’s 9.0.

    • Highly expensive
    • Only black in color

    Criteria for Choosing The Best Drop Foot Shoes

    Breathability – It an important feature for all wearers especially who have a bad foot or any kind of problem in the foot. A breathable shoe allows a user to feel easy to move. It also provides a user to keep their feet right in temperature and obviously cool also. It minimizes the impact of moving resolving body pressure. So you should buy a breathable shoe when you are looking for the best shoes for drop foot. Keep in mind this feature.

    Ankle and heel support – A drop foot is caused by the lack of support in the shoe. There are many reasons here but it is a common one. So whenever you want some shoes for foot drop, it is very much important to select a shoe with proper support. Ankle and heel support is one of the major parts of a shoe. Ankle support gives the flexibility to walk as well as run easily. Heel support provides the perfect tolerance to jump. It also makes a wearer stable in his or her every step.

    Lightweight – It is also a crying need to have in a shoe for drop foot. The light shoe makes anyone comfortable in moving. The people with pain foot must get a relieve if they wear a lightweight shoe. A heavy shoe makes an extra burden to the wearer. It also causes tiredness. For the proper flexibility of moving with a drop foot, a lightweight shoe is very much important. Check out the description of the shoe for knowing the weight of the shoe.

    Awesome List of 5 Best Drop Foot Shoes

    Last, of all, we must say that footwear can keep you safer as well secure from your daily incident. Perfect footwear for perfect quality, features and functionality can give you the proper flexibility to move on. Though you have a bad foot with different kinds of injury, supportive footwear can relieve you from the pain. It also can minimize your suffering to lead the regular life.

    This list for the best shoes for foot drop will definitely help you to get the best shoes for you. These best shoes for drop foot are too much popular and comfortable also. Make the right choice and lead a decent life.

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