10 Best Shoes For Neuropathy to Buy


best shoes for neuropathy
best shoes for neuropathy

Foot Neuropathy is nerve damage that is caused by diabetes. It is a painful condition that targets mostly the feet and lower limbs. Diabetic neuropathy mainly causes a lack of feeling in toes and fingers, tingling, and numbness. It is very dangerous because the individual suffering from it doesn’t feel any sensation regarding whether their feet are cold, wet, or if they are injured. This can make everyday mobility activities difficult and too risky.

Almost 60% of today’s world population is facing Diabetic Neuropathy. The most common diabetic neuropathy which affects the feet and legs is Peripheral Neuropathy. For this, Highly-effective and comfortable Diabetic shoes are a must-have option. They are specially designed shoes, also referred to as therapeutic or extra-depth shoes, which help to stabilize the symptoms and reduce the risk of skin breakdown in people with diabetes.

So, What to Look For:

If your diabetes is on the lower level then well-fitting, comfortable shoes will do their job. However, if the problem is not under control, then going for shoes that are half an inch deeper, lightweight, and provides a more flexible fit and breathable materials than usual is a great option.

Things to take into consideration before buying neuropathic shoes:

  1. Diabetic neuropathy can change the shape of the person’s feet, so seeking advice regarding custom fit from your prescribed doctor is a must.
  2. Check to see if your health insurance will cover the expenses regarding prescribed shoes.
  3. Shoes should always be equipped with a removable orthosis.

However, as no study is ever able to find out how to reversible diabetic neuropathy, we are highly proud to carry on with the extensive selection of the best neuropathy shoes which will help you to manage your quality of life better.

So Happy scrolling to our list of 10 Best Neuropathy Shoes to Buy From Amazon and put all your pain and discomfort on us..!!

10 Best Shoes For Neuropathy to Buy

1. OrthoComfoot Women’s Arch Support Shoes, Plantar Fasciitis, Foot and Heel Pain Relief, Orthopedic Boat Shoes

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Orthofeet is a brand that designs shoes, especially by keeping the feet’ problems in mind and as such one of the best, it is Orthofeet Comfort. It has a large variety of features like extra room for movement, a non-binding fit design, and an extraordinary amount of cushioning, which helps provide protection, comfort, and support to your feet. The orthotic support provided by premium in holes with anatomical arch support helps to get rid of the foot and lower limb pain, which is caused by diabetes and neuropathy.

The soles of Orthofeet Comfort are very lightweight and come up with an Ergonomic-Stride design that provides a “Cloud-Walking” experience. The primary goal of the Orthofeet Comfort is to provide all the features of neuropathy shoes by providing full protection for the pressure points. For Custom made orthotics this Comfort Breeze shoe has an extra half-inch depth, High breathability, and removable orthotic holes, which makes it an ideal fit.

Bottom Line:

It’s a great-looking and superbly designed footwear that will offer you the comfort and support needed along with soft, seam-free interior lining. Moreover, if you are a woman who loves to stay fit but is unable to do it due to the pain caused by neuropathy, then Orthofeet Breeze Comfort Women’s shoe is the best shoe for neuropathy feet.

2. Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk – Shoes for Knee Pain

Things We Like

  • Seamless interior to prevent skin irritation.
  • Excellent removable quality insoles.
  • Lots of room in the toe box to accommodate certain foot ailments including diabetics with neuropathy.
  • Front rocker sole.

G-Defy Mighty Walk Athletic shoes is an astonishing product which is known for its sleek design, outfit, and supportive structure. According to the analysis of a female body, this G-Defy has helped many women to get rid off the discomfort and pain caused in the lower limbs, joints, and feet. True to its name of Mighty walk the shoe offers all-day wear and long distance walking.

From the generous insole support to the plenty of cushioning all around the corner provides a smooth walking experience for the individuals who have sensitive feet. The soles used under this mighty walk can be removed as per the requirement of the person, making it one of the best shoes for diabetics with neuropathy.

It has excellent technology for shock absorbing by the name “VersoShock,” which is designed to absorb all kind of shocks, which sometimes doesn’t feel by the diabetic neuropathy patients. The entire shoe involves synthetic and fabric material, which helps to provide high breathability to the user.

Bottom Line:

The G-Defy Mighty Walk Athletic Shoe is designed especially for the women’s having feet problems caused by neuropathy. It offers plenty of Cushioning, room, style, and comfort, which helps to provide a natural moment of the feet and reduce the numbness.

3. Vionic Women’s Brisk Nalia Slip-on Walking Shoes – Ladies Supportive Active Sneakers That Include Three-Zone Comfort with Orthotic Insole Arch Support, Medium and Wide Fit

Things We Like

  • Biomechanically unique designed.
  • Leather construction.
  • Elegant design.
  • Breathable and protective lining.
  • Extra width in the midfoot and the toebox.

Designed as a professional loafer, these Orthofeet Chelsea Orthopedic shoes are an all-time favorite easy slip-on design that provides authentic features which allow the women suffering from the pain caused by neuropathy to have a life little more easier. This shoe offers orthopedic support for the hells, arches which helps propel foot forward.

While this Orthofeet is slip-on shoes, they also have a velcro tightening system which ensures the diabetic neuropathy person to have an in-depth custom fit. This slip-on is loaded with unique features of therapeutic shoes, which ensures to get all-day comfort.

The contoured, seam-free in holes with extra padding all over collars, uppers, and tongue, which helps to eliminate the pressure points. Moreover, along with it also includes orthofeet’s trademark Ergonomic stride, which softens every step. Like all the other Orthopedic shoes, these slip-ons will not feel awkward, so one can take it wherever they desire.

Bottom Line:

If you have foot problems and require a shoe that has every bit of comfort and style you need and provides an enormous arch and heel support, then this is the best shoes for neuropathy feet. However, at first sight, this slip-on will gather more interest in men’s than women’s.

4. Dunham Men’s Bryce Oxford

Dunham Men's Bryce Oxford
276 Reviews

Things We Like

  • High Fashion Styling.
  • Versatile Technology.
  • Ortholite Foam in holes leads to excellent arch support and wetness resistance.
  • Cent percentage made from leather, lightweight, and high durability.

Classically crafted shoes with some of the same features of New Balance athletic wear, which helps to look and feel best all day long. Dunham Bryce Oxford is a very stylish men’s work shoes that provide all the features that are needed for individuals who suffer from foot ailments, including diabetic and neuropathy.

Specifically created for men’s feet, this shoe provides a customized fit and the Ortholite foam technology with removable insoles which allows you to either walk with the footbed in your shoes or remove it. The nature of the shoes is both flexible and lightweight, which gives you great comfort and breathability.

The design of the Dunham Men’s Bryce Oxford is constructed with soft dress leather, making the shoe very long-lasting and durable. The midsole and heel cups of the shoe is comprised of EVA material, and other vast features make this one of the best shoes for neuropathy feet. However, the only problem that arises is related to the size, so take your time to choose the best fit for you.

Bottom Line:

It doesn’t matter whether you choose this shoe as casual wear or any other more formal occasion, this Dunham will always provide the style, support, and comfort that you are lacking. So, Dress up at work or for any occasion with this best neuropathy shoe and improve your overall style with foot health.

5. Dr. Comfort Vigor  Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Women’s  Hiking Boot Leather Lace

DR. COMFORT Vigor Women's Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth...
146 Reviews

Things We Like

  • Natural leather lining material.
  • Protective toe box.
  • Heel counter with extra stability and medial.
  • Padded Heel Collar padding.
  • Removable insoles.
  • Non-skid and lightweight outsole.

Dr. Comfort is known to provide shoes for peripheral neuropathy, and diabetic neuropathy with the right amount of comfort, stability, and support, and one such as the iconic Dr. Comfort vigor hiking boot. They are incredibly lightweight, stylish, classy, and perhaps the most comfortable boots you can get your feet on. A design that will surely meet all your needs and much more.

It features Top quality materials of leather upper, which will look more desirable for any woman who looks for the highest quality in luxury footwear. With finest quality Lycra and mesh materials, it prevents wear and tear and makes for a long lasting shoe — the distinctive, unique dr. Comfort no-tie elastics also have a Velcro strap, which makes it more flexible.

These have a Dr. Comfort fit gel technology with the inclusion of extra depth, which gives your feet the space it requires for the problems caused by neuropathy. It has no breaking in period at all so that you can feel its comfort from the moment you first put them on your feet. As a therapeutic shoe, it features a padded heel cup and tongue helping to protect your feet from skin discomfort and irritation.

Bottom Line:

If you are going to be on your feet all day and wants the comforts of home even while you are out for work or seeking outdoor adventures and offers everything you need in the peripheral neuropathy shoe, then Dr. Comfort Vigor is best shoes for peripheral neuropathy in the market.

6. STQ Slip On Sneakers for Women Lightweight Walking Shoes Comfortable Breathable Mesh

Things We Like

  • Featherweight sock liner provides high flexibility.
  • Natural expansion provides a perfect fit.
  • Subtle ''S'' logo on the side gives perfect, pretty, and discreet branding.
  • Bambo lined footbed for odor control.

Skechers Gowalk 4 Kindle is designed not only to be stylish dress slip-on for any occasion, but it offers everything you need in the footwear to help with different foot ailments from knee pain, plantar fasciitis to neuropathy. This shoe is made with the 3D layered mesh fabric upper that’s got stabilizing synthetic overlays at the toe instep and the heel it has got an easy slip-on design with quick fit portals at the heels for providing easy on and off moment.

For more comfort it has memory foam cushioning around the heel and also has a cushioned breathable Goga max foam insole that is removable, so you can easily customize your feet as per the prescription. Sketchers Gowalk Kindle provides the ultimate walking experience due to its 5th Gen midsole cushioning that provides energy return with each step you go. Its rubber sole automatically correct arch support and shock absorption and have got a multi-directional abstraction outsole as well.

Bottom Line:

Treat your feet with the comfort they deserve while you are out there getting active in this radically lightweight good slip-on for walking all day long and remember that every day is a choice so choose greatness with this best shoes for diabetic neuropathy.

7. Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker

Skechers Men's Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker
23,413 Reviews

Things We Like

  • Cushioned mesh tongue.
  • Soft fabric shoe linings.
  • High traction rubber outsole.
  • Reinforced synthetic overlays with perforation details.

Skechers Men’s afterburn is a tremendous lace-up sneaker that offers the excellent stability, support, protection, and comfort that you require when suffering from diabetic neuropathy of the foot and different foot ailments from bunions to hammertoes and peripheral neuropathy. This true classic just got better with increased support and trend-savvy designs. Although marketed as a walking shoe, these shoes will keep you moving at the time of running and doing athletic activities as well.

The flexible high-traction outsole of the show and the Articu-Lyte shock-absorbing outsoles lessen the possibility of foot ailments which are caused by diabetes. The memory foam cushioned insole of the shoe is removable, which allows you to get long comfort during long walks. The lace-up front allows you to get a secured fit which won’t shift as you move.

Supportive overlays and a padded collar offers enough support and cushioning to the men’s to relieve pain from diabetic neuropathy and appreciate the same as an everyday wear shoe. The construction of Skechers Afterburn is made of a cent percent leather and synthetic materials, which makes it long lasting and one of the best shoes for diabetics with neuropathy.

Bottom Line:

Footwear for any occasion, it is stylish, timeless as ever and offers exceptional comfort when suffering from diabetics with neuropathy. With cushioned mesh tongue, Memory foam lace up, high traction outsole and excellent support, you will not find more protective, comfortable and long-lasting footwear in the market to help people suffer from various foot ailments.

8.Women’s Comfortable Working Nurse Shoes Non-Slip Adjustable Breathable Walking Buffer Fitness Casual Nursing Orthotic Lightweight Shoes Arthritis, Diabetes Heel Pain

Things We Like

  • All Day arch support.
  • Lightweight sole with air cushioning.
  • Soft, seam-free interior lining.
  • Removable insoles to get you an exact fit.
  • Flexible and non-binding upper design.

Another great offering from Orthofeet,  these shoes features everything that you need in any casual style footwear to help people with the peripheral neuropathy and diabetic neuropathy. Aside from its style, the pair is stated to provide extreme comfort and support for all-day walking. The orthotic support offered by the insole, which features anatomical arch support and the cushioning pads that will conform to the contours the pain over various such areas as the knee, lower back, hips, as well as both foot and lower limbs.

Meanwhile, the Orthofeet serene has an ortho-cushioning system which makes them very lightweight and so friendly to wear. The complete design of the shoe with excellent stability ensures that you get the perfect fit every time you wear by providing maximum protection against the pressure points. Moreover, these women’s orthopedic serene shoes are also engineered with unique biochemical features that are not found in any other shoe to help reduce the ball of the foot ailments on bunions or hammer toes.

The best part of the shoe is its T-strap feature, which is designed in such a way to provide a unique style and comfort all over. With this, the fit of the shoe is built as non-binding, which provides extra room for toe moment without sacrificing a comfortable fit.

Bottom Line:

With all the vast features including the ergonomic sole which offers excellent stability and cushioning support, making Orthofeet Orthopedic Arthritis Diabetic Serene Womens T-Strap Shoes as one of the best shoes for neuropathy for those who are ready to take the first step towards everyday comfort.

9. JAMONWU Men’s Casual Closed Toe Leather Handmade Sandals Adjustable Fisherman Beach Sandals For Outdoor Walking Driving

Things We Like

  • Vegetable-tanned leather lining to get rid off moisture.
  • Shock-absorbing, removable footbed, and ergonomically design.
  • Adjustable straps for customized feet.
  • Curved footbed with an orthopedic design.

One of the most comfortable sandal on the market with Finn comfort soft footbed which provides a cloud-like feel. Even with the diabetic feet, you can walk around all day and enjoy life in carefree comfort. The open heel and uniquely divided upper sole provide extremely high breathability and immediate comfort which are highly essential during the summer season for a healthy foot environment.

Three fully adjustable velcro straps with extra thick padding and the leather Tunis help to give you a custom and secured fit. Anatomical heel cup cradles help to increase stability, while its suede-lined, ergonomic footbed, contoured midfoot and lateral arch support offers healthy support for the sensitive feet.

Handcrafted from the purest materials and ultra high-quality leathers provides an elegant and stylish look for everyday wear. There is nothing that you won’t like in this best shoe for neuropathy feet.

Bottom Line:

Definitely, with Finn Comfort Men’s Tunis Sandal healthy living is felt and looked so good. Numerous features with perfect support for the foot allows Finn Tunis Sandal to offer ultimate comfort and support to those suffering from peripheral neuropathy. One of the best investments that anybody can make in Footwears.

10. Eastland Men’s Yarmouth 1955 Slip-On Loafer

Things We Like

  • Durable Leather upper.
  • Stabilizing shanks.
  • Customize fitting with excellent arch support.
  • Slip-on design.
  • Synthetic and soft sock lining.

This handsewn moccasin constructed Eastland Yarmouth provides top-quality comfort, high durability, casual styling for the men’s who suffer from foot problems such as bunions, neuropathy, diabetics or corns and that too at a very affordable price point. They are tough to beat when it comes to traditional look and comfort fit in the market.

Featuring horween leather uppers offer’s flexibility, which is essential to keep your feet happy and great looking. However, they are little sizing tricky and requires some break-in period to get your feet the comfort they deserve. But this minute drawbacks of the shoe are greatly overcome by its cool and dignified brown leather exterior and a thick white sole.

It is a semi-formal shoe that can be worn with jeans, shorts, khakis, chinos or anything you like. The footbed is well padded and gives excellent arch support making an excellent choice for a work shoe if you work in a professional environment. Overall, they are one of the best shoes for neuropathy on the market to eliminate pain in the foot, knees, hip, and leg.

Bottom Line:

Special slip-on for neuropathy designed especially for men’s who needs extra comfort for peripheral neuropathy and other foot ailments. Moccasin construction, cushioned footbeds, shock absorbing rubber outsoles, handsewn moc toe, and seam-free interior lining all come together to provide therapeutic footwear for neuropathy sufferers.

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