10 Best Slip Resistant Shoes For Women

Slip resistant shoes are compulsory for women’s who are working on a tile floor or a slippery workplace like a restaurant. women who are working on a tile floor or restaurant have to be very busy most of the time. As their performance in the working time depends on how much efficiently and quickly they can work, so they should be careful about their footwear. Because a perfect pair of shoes can deliver them the proper support they need to make a concentration in their performance. For that reason, we find out some best slip resistant shoes for women. Here we are going to review them with pros & cons.

Things to Remember

Now let’s break out actually what is slip resistant shoe. The shoe which protects you from slipping on the surface with all the quality it has is called a slip-resistant shoe. The shoe should be lightweight, breathable, flexible and durable also. A good combination of memory foam sole, rubber sole, soft synthetic lining, proper traction, ultra-boost technology, shock absorbable, mesh and synthetic lining, Ortholite® footbed, air-controlled features a shoe slip resistant. You should keep in mind that the materials should be long-lasting and durable that can protect yours from any kind of injury.

Best Slip Resistant Shoes For Women

1. Skechers for Work Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe

best slip resistant shoes for women

This pair of best slip resistant shoes are too much popular with the women’s, especially who are working in the restaurant. They are known as non slip shoes. That footwear provides a perfect cushioning with features of slip resistant which makes them super supporting for women restaurant workers.

Those shoes feature athletic cushion and comfort to the women workers so that they can get the proper comfort they need. As a worker working in the restaurant have to stand all day long and busy with serving food to the customers or preparing the food, they must have a slip-resistant shoe that they have no worry to fall in.

Those shoes also contain some amazing features like Stretch top panel, heel pull-on loop, memory foam topped cushioned, etc. All the features make those shoes attractive and appealing to the women customer. All the reviews of those shoes make a good impression so that you want to buy them. However, those shoes may run small and the size of your feet may vary. So you should keep in mind what size is perfect for you.

  • Slip-resistant work shoe
  • Athletic cushion and comfort
  • Stretch top panel
  • Heel pull-on loop
  • Memory Foam topped cushioned

  • Size may vary
  • Runs small

2. Skechers for Work Women’s 76510 Compulsions Indulgent Work Shoe

Skechers for Work Womens 76510 Compulsions Indulgent Work Shoe

Skechers for Work Women’s 76510 Compulsions Indulgent Work Shoe is another best slip resistant shoes for women. Those shoes combine both style and safety. These shoes are also listed in stylish slip-resistant shoes. These shoes are looking great with your dress and deliver you an amazing slip on the step. The slip resistant quality makes those shoes popular as well as comfortable.

With the supportive sole unit, that restaurant footwear offers a smooth and flexible feeling in your working time. Breathable mesh panels make a comfortable feeling and leather and fabric upper make them durable also. The smooth leather upper is easy to clean while they become full of dust and dirt. Bungee lacing system makes them more attractive.

A flexible, as well as high traction outsole, gives you the confidence of working with full of concentration. The shoe has also come with a soft fabric lining that gives you the comfortable warmth and protects your feet from injury. So we suggest you collect this shoe if you are looking for slip resistant shoes.

  • Supportive sole unit
  • Breathable mesh panels
  • Leather and fabric
  • Slip-on Shoe
  • Bungee lacing system

  • Only black color available
  • toe seams are jagged

3. Skechers for Work Women’s Eldred Slip Resistant Shoe

Skechers for Work Womens Eldred Slip Resistant Shoe

These leather sneakers keep your feet comfy, fashionable and safe with their attractive features, design, and most importantly price. The price rate of these sneakers is available from lower to higher. So you can collect depending on your budget. The shoes are made with memory foam for proper cushioning. The synthetic sole of this footwear makes them more durable so the wearer can use for a long time.

These best slip resistant shoes for women feature a lace-up casual comfort work shoe design with a relaxed fit design. They fit on your feet perfectly as they have a lace up system. Slip-resistant rubber traction features for top comfort, protection, and durability.

The arch support of these shoes is amazing. You can get enough arch support so that you can be safe you from fall in. However, this shoe is not preferable for a wet floor. So you should keep in mind this disadvantages of this shoe.

  • Memory foam
  • Relaxed fit design
  • Synthetic sole
  • Slip-resistant rubber traction
  • Lightweight, durable & flexible

  • May not for wet floor
  • Heel support isn’t enough

4. Fila Women’s Memory Fresh Start Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Fila Womens Memory Fresh Start Slip Resistant Work Shoe

They are listed in non slip shoes pay less because of having such quality to be a slip resistant shoe. The shoe is made with synthetic leather and nylon mesh. The midsole is made of ethylene vinyl acetate. The outsole is made of non-marking rubber so that it lasts a long time. It can absorb road shock which is a delighting feature to the workers.[irp]

Memory foam cushioning of this best non-slip shoes women’s give extra comfort to the women workers. The shoe can be sometimes slightly small in the toe portion. Without these advantages, we hope you can easily choose this shoe for your working time.

  • Synthetic leather and nylon mesh
  • Midsole ethylene vinyl acetate
  • Outsole-non-marking rubber
  • Absorbs road shock
  • Memory foam cushioning

  • Slightly small in the toe,
  • May didn’t last long.

5. Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Inhale Slip Resistant Sneaker

Dr. Scholls Womens Inhale Slip Resistant Sneaker

Another best slip resistant shoes for women is Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Inhale is a shoe which combines performance and exceptional style. The shoe features an anti-slip resistant capability with rubber outsole for durability and traction. The feature for that it becomes more appealing to the customer is it is oil and slip resistant. So you have less possibility to fall on the floor.

Advanced memory foam of these shoes features perfect cushioning. This shoe also allows breathability for cool fit so the women worker feel a perfect environment if they wear this shoe.

  • Oil and slip resistant
  • Anti-microbial sock
  • Controls Odor
  • Advanced memory foam
  • Allow breathability for a cool fit

  • Only black in color
  • Little bit expensive


Shoes for Crews Women’s Falcon II Non Slip Work Shoes

Things We Like

    Falcon II is a slip resistant shoe which is very much popular with the workers who are looking for slip-resistant shoes. The amazing features and price rate are the main reason for being famous for this shoe. It adds an extra feature which meshes ventilation with leather support construction. The ventilation technology offers you a proper temperature whether you are in a warm or cold place. It allows the perfect air circulation on your feet.

    A protective membrane lining that wards off hot liquids from your feet. The Trip Guard technology allow fluid movement between slippery environments and the Spill Guard technology make it on slip support. So the women feel much better than other shoes and she might be safe in her working place. Padded collar and tongue take care of their tongue. The shoe allows fluid movement easily.

    This shoe is too cheap to afford any kind of worker. We hope you can get the proper support and comfort with the reasonable price rate of this shoe. Check out this shoe on Amazon and keep collecting.

    • Mesh ventilation with leather support
    • Allow fluid movement
    • A protective membrane lining
    • Padded collar and tongue
    • Slip Resistant

    • Only black and white
    • Size may vary

    7. Skechers for Work Women’s Relaxed Fit Slip Resistant Work Shoe

    Skechers for Work Womens Relaxed Fit Slip Resistant Work Shoe

    Skechers is a famous brand for making slip resistant shoes. As you see some slip resistant shoes on the list of this famous brand, we here list another shoe from this popular brand.

    The synthetic sole of this shoe makes it more durable. They offer super durability with a classic style. This shoe is super lightweight, flexible and comfortable. Smooth leather upper ensures the best comfort to the workers. They provide arch and ankle support with orthotic inserts.

    These best slip resistant shoes for women may fit tight for some people and runs small sometimes. Without this discomfort, this shoe delivers you great support in your working time.

    • Synthetic sole
    • Smooth leather upper
    • Classic style
    • Orthotic inserts
    • Flexible and lightweight midsole

    • May tightly fit
    • Runs small

    8. Women’s Skechers for Work Skech Air Slip Resistant Lace-Up

    Women’s Skechers for Work Skech Air Slip Resistant Lace Up

    The Skechers Air Slip Resistant Lace-Up is a popular Skechers for all kind of women worker. This shoe is continuously increasing their features to meet up all the needs for providing the best comfort. This shoe is definitely one of the best casual looking shoes that any kind of company can’t come with these features so far.

    A basic lace-up closure and thick sole of this shoe offer a perfect cushioning in your feet. The shoe is preferable for both warehouse and kitchen. A woman can put it all day as it is in deep black. So there is no concern for the fade away of color.[irp]

    The Moto of this brand with this shoe is “cloud-like comfort” which make sure you about the pleasant working time. Memory foam, smooth upper leather, mesh fabric collar make it too much soft that you can’t feel any kind of foot pain. This shoe is also slip-resist so that any female restaurant worker may not fall in any kind of injury.

    All the features of this shoe have the ability to fulfill the demand of a customer. Anyone can stand all day at the job without any discomfort and anxiety.

    • Memory Foam
    • Smooth Leather upper
    • Slip-Resistant
    • Synthetic, thick sole
    • Mesh fabric collar

    • May feel heavy
    • One color is available

    9. MOZO Women’s Forza Slip Resistant Work Clog

    MOZO Womens Forza Slip Resistant Work Clog

    These shoes are from ‘MOZO’, which is a famous brand of slip resistant shoe with a stylish look. It is a slip-resistant shoe ever which is known from the customer review. The consumers of this shoe have a very positive experience of using the shoe.

    It is a slip-on shoe with excellent cushioning as well as comfort. A removable gel-cushioned insole makes the footwear easy to use. The non slip rubber outsole of this shoe make it slip resistant. So while you are on giving services on your workplace like a restaurant, this shoe protects you from any kind of slipping on the surface.

    There is a leather synthetic upper of the shoe. It features side vents for extra comfort and flair. The insole is removable so that you can clean your shoe when it needs. The shoe is not only slipping resistant but also oil resistant. Considering all the features it has, it positions itself in the list of best slip resistant shoes for women. So you can easily choose this shoe for your working place.

    • Slip-on work shoe
    • Removable gel-cushioned insole
    • Non-slip rubber outsole
    • Slip-resistant shoes
    • Side vents for extra comfort.

    • Tight in the heel
    • Runs small

    10. Avia Women’s Avi Union Service Shoe

    Avia Womens Avi Union Service Shoe

    Avia is a popular brand for making the best women’s shoe. They offer some great features. These shoes also carry some features to provide enough comfort and flexibility. They are also non slip shoes Women’s.

    The main features of these shoes are synthetic leather with defender, water and stain resistance, exceptional cushioning, soft gel heel unit, shock absorption technology, etc. The water and stain resistant feature of this shoe makes it more appealing to the women customer. As restaurant working is a real-time service that means the worker has to serve the food within a certain time so the footwear they put on should be very supportive. So you need to make a try of this shoe and enjoy your working.

    • Synthetic leather with Defender
    • Water and stain resistance
    • The soft gel heel unit
    • Exceptional cushioning
    • Shock absorption

    • Don’t last long
    • Look bulky

    Criteria for Evaluating Best Non slip Shoes Women’s

    There are some different criteria for the work shoes for women. women’s non slip shoes should bear these features. The main features are mentioned below:

    Non-slip shoe

    For women’s non slip shoes, the primary feature that they need slip resistant shoes. Slip resistant shoe helps them to keep them protected in their working place. As in the restaurant, there is more chance to fall on the slippery surfaces. And while delivering food and other orders, a slip resistant shoe makes them safe and secure from any kind of injury. So the women workers should evaluate non-slip restaurant shoes for their better working time as well as security.

    Grip Support

    Grip support is the prior criteria for best slip resistant shoes for women. Perfect grip support can protect the women workers in their workplace. As they have to very busy in their working, they don’t be very careful about their movement. So a stable step to helping them to protect them from the slippery surfaces.

    However, grip support offers them not only protection but also the flexibility of works. The physical structure of a woman is quite different from men. And naturally, they have less strength than men. So they need a more supportive shoe than man.

    So, when you are looking for the restaurant women’s shoes you should care about these criteria.


    Comfort is the crying need of any person in any situation. Everybody wants to have a comfortable shoe in their daily uses. A cushioned shoe delivers them a pleasant working time.

    For being comfortable, the shoe should have good and soft insole, mesh lining, sockliner, and other different features. Actually, it depends on the factors that you consider first. And it differs from person to person by their choice and likes.

    The size and shape of the shoe deliver a comfortable movement. Before buying best women slip resistant shoes you should make sure about the sizing of the shoe.

    Outer materials

    The outer design of your shoe is very much important in determining how your shoes behave in different situations and circumstances. The outer materials are very much important for also make a good appealing look to others. When you are working in a kitchen environment, there is a great chance to step on liquid objects or oily materials. So for protecting you from slip on, the outer materials should be of good quality.

    The most important thing is that, when your outer materials are very much good enough, then you have little chance to pass with wet feet. As an example, if your feet get wet by any water falling on your feet, but the outer materials are not waterproof, then you have to continue your work with the wet feet. And obviously, this situation bothers you and make a great problem to concentrate on your work.

    The leather is very preferable for the outer materials. Leather upper offers both breathability and some protection on different cases. Someone like synthetic, rubber or mask upper. But leather delivers you the perfect cushioning. So when you are collecting restaurant shoes for women, you should be careful about the outer materials of the shoe.


    Last but not least, now we evaluate the criteria which are necessary when you get the perfect cushioning, outer materials as well as grip support. You should look for the restaurant shoes that deliver you good looking. So the design of your restaurant shoe is very important in this regard.

    However, if you are working on a hard tile floor or fancier restaurant, then you need formal or semi-formal shoes. Slip resistant shoes for women need an attractive and appealing design for making a good impression on the customer and the restaurant owners.

    There are some other criteria for non slip shoes for women. But here we mention the main criteria to evaluate them. You may find better shoes using this recommendation.

    The FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

    1. Are there any differences between slip resistant and slip-proof shoes?

    Ans: Actually there are quite differences between slip resistant shoes and slip-proof shoes. Though many companies proclaim that they have slip-proof shoes. But this is just a marketing trick. No one can ensure about the incident that you won’t slip. So you have to remember this when you select a pair of best slip resistant shoes for women. [irp]

    Slip resistant shoe can protect you from slip on. But there is no guarantee. If your standing position is quite close to falling or the surface that you walk is very much slippery, then you may face a slip. But the materials of a slip resistant shoe is quite helpful to prevent this than any other normal shoes.

    2. Will my slip resistant shoe can protect me from falling on wood surfaces?

    Ans: Actually it totally depends on what kind of slip resistant shoe you worn. There are pairs of shoes that are specially made for the kitchen to help with slips. You cannot prevent any kind of surfaces slips with just one kind of shoes. So when you buy any kind of shoe, you should make sure about the features they offer you.

    3. How do I clean my slip resistant shoe? Do I use a machine wash?

    Ans: When your shoes are getting very dirty, we recommend a clean. But some of you don’t want to do this. Many of you think this a Hassel. But it is necessary to wear clean shoes. And it is very much terrible that restaurant shoes for women’s are getting dirty so quick.

    For cleaning your non-slip restaurant shoes, you can use a soft cloth or toothbrush. With that, you clean the rubbish or dirt off your shoe. We don’t say about machine washing. Because sometimes, it may change the shape of your shoe.

    4. My shoes have a rubber sole, I can’t just wear them but the company says that these shoes are slip-resistant. What should I do with this shoe?

    Ans: Actually the slip resistant shoes have some different criteria. Ultimately this decision is up to you. If you want to have the slip resistant quality, then you have to face some features. Our recommendation is to continue your movement with this shoe because it allows you to protect your self in your working time.

    5. Is it mandatory to have a slip-resistant for the women’s restaurant shoe? If yes then why?

    Ans: Actually for keeping you more stable and secure you need a non-slip shoe. And for the restaurant workers, it becomes a mandatory feature. Because there are a lot of works they have to do with a lot of business and crowd. So there are so many chances to make a slip on the floor. To protect them from any injury they need a slip resistant shoe. And obviously, the women worker also need a non-slip shoe in their working time.

    Conclusion: Last of all we can ensure you that we are working a lot to make the list of best slip resistant shoes for women. Our review will help you to find your best footwear if you are carefully read through all the features. For standing all day with your shoes, the features you need are present in most of the shoes we listed. You should be careful about the price, size as well as your preferable feature. Hope for the best of your working time with our recommended footwear.

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