10 Best Walking Sandals for Women Review

Walking is a great exercise for all people in all circumstances. It can make the body fit as well as refresh the mind. All people of all ages should be exercised walking to keep their body fit and mentally sound. Walking a good kind of sandal must be a requirement for the people. And for the women, it is also too important to collect a perfect walking sandal. So here we list some famous and best walking sandals for women.

Things To Remember

It’s very much important to collect a good kind of supportive footwear for any kind of exercise. Though there are numerous brands of sandals having a huge collection of shoes with versatile designs and colors, you should keep in mind some important issues when you want to buy the best walking sandal for women all day long.

For walking all day long, the sandal must be lightweight because if it feels heavy on your feet, then you can’t carry it with comfort. The sandal should be durable and water-proof as it lasts longer and keeps your mind not to worry about the path is dry or wet. Arch support, heel support, traction, flexibility, shoes-upper, air circulation system, shock absorption technology are also some important things to care about while purchasing a walking sandal.

10 Best Walking Sandals for Women

1.Clarks Women’s Arla Belle Sandal

Clarks Women's Arla Belle Sandal, Black Textile, 5 M US


Clarks is a popular brand that is the best walking sandals for women and produces super attractive sandals for men, women as well as children. Those sandals have a variety of colors and designs and can make a stylish look with your dress. They have also come in different types of sizes. So you can choose the right size you need.

Those sandals are made of leather or nubuck upper. An adjustable hook-and-loop strap makes the sandal perfect for your feet. The straps help you to loose or tight depending on your feet’s width. The ankle strap is quite wide and adjustable that the wearers can enjoy their every step. They are very lightweight and flexible so that the women can feel like step other and cloud which is known from some customer reviews.

Besides all the features, Clarks Unstructured technology is used in the underfoot of the sandal. That technology provides y without perfect cushioning and comfort. So we can easily suggest you collect this sandal because they are also listed in the best sandals for walking long distances.

  • Leather or nubuck upper
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop straps
  • Lightly padded insole
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Clarks Unstructured technology underfoot

  • May feel tight
  • The design may not attractive

2.Teva Women’s W Sanborn Sandal


Teva Women's Sanborn Sandal, Black, 5 Medium US


As we listed more sandals from the famous sandal’s brand Teva, here we list another best walking sandals for women because the brand makes their products with such caring that they deserve it. Teva Women’s Sanborn Sandal is a water-resistant shoe so that the user can use it in any season.

These sandals are made of Water-ready polyester webbing upper which makes it extremely durable. So you can be happy with the durability of these sandals. Easy hook-and-loop closure features perfect fitting. They fit just right whether you have thick or thin feet. Injected EVA-foam outsole delivers a super supportive walking environment.

So our suggestion is to have a try these sandals and enjoy a decent walking time.

  • Water ready polyester webbing upper
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy hook-and-loop closure
  • Fit just right
  • Injected EVA-foam outsole

  • Arch support isn’t enough
  • Poor traction

3. Teva Women’s Tirra Athletic Sandal

Mevlzz Mens Casual Athletic Sneakers Knit Running Shoes

Though we list this sandal in the 3rd position, this sandal is the perfect one for women who are looking for the best walking sandal for women. Teva Tirra Sandal is a perfect combination of comfort and durability. The durability of this shoe is supreme that the customers praised for it. Multiple adjustable straps provide amazing traction while you are stepping on the road.

This women’s sandal keeps extra protection of their feet that anyone can make it sporty sandal. Featuring with hook-and-loop closures and nylon stability shank prefer it to use in athletics. As ‘Teva’ is a famous brand for a sandal, they make their every product with user-friendly features and functionality.[irp]

A compression-molded EVA midsole for comfort and traction outsole make a strong sole of this shoe. You needn’t worry about the sole durability of this sandal. The sandal is water resistant so you can put it on any circumstances without any hesitation.

Finally, we can assure you that this sandal can meet up your all requirements easily. So should have a try.

  • Sporty sandal
  • Nylon stability shank
  • Traction outsole with water-channeling lugs
  • Multiple adjustable straps
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole

  • Fit too narrow
  • Size may vary

4. Skechers Women’s Reggae Slim-Vacay Sandal Flat

Skechers Womens Reggae Slim Vacay Flat Sandal

Skechers is an affordable and worldwide available brand which is fulfilled the customer demands and needs with their user-friendly features and prices. Those sandals are very much flat so the women who are looking for a flat sandal that can deliver them the best comfort, these sandals are perfect for them.

Smooth Faux Leather of that footwear makes a soft feeling when you are walking. Memory foam insole delivers the walking-friendly environment. Those walking sandals feature reggae slim footbed which added perfect comfort and arch support. The shock absorbing midsole absorbs your shock that there is not much worried if you have sweaty feet.

However, those sandals have a flexible rubber outsole that supports great grip even on slippery surfaces. That is an amazing feature for a sandal. So they can be called as best walking sandals for travel. So you can use them for your daily use as well as travel time.

  • Smooth Faux Leather
  • Memory foam
  • Reggae slim footbed
  • Shock absorbing midsole
  • Several different designs

  • Not water resistant
  • Lacks the ability to adjust.

5.Clarks Women’s Leisa Lakelyn Flat Sandal


Things We Like


    Clarks Women’s Leisa Lakelyn Flat Sandal is another best walking sandals for women with comfort, lightweight, flexible. This sandal has a wide variety of color. So you can collect your favorite colored sandal with great features that they delivered. The Ortholite footbed of these sandals give perfect step on and Clark’s cushion soft quality features a cloudy feeling as well.

    The sandals are pretty smooth that the women can walk the whole day with perfect cushioning. They provide superb support and comfort. The arch support of this shoe is enough support so that you can use it for the whole day long. The heel strap is adjustable so there is no concern for the fitting of these sandals.

    • Ortholite footbed
    • Clark’s cushion soft
    • Pretty smooth
    • Provides superb support and comfort
    • The heel strap is adjustable

    • Runs small
    • Not for thicker foot

    6. ECCO Footwear Women’s Damara Ankle Gladiator Sandal

    ECCO Footwear Women’s Damara Ankle Gladiator Sandal

    ECCO Footwear Women’s Damara Ankle Gladiator Sandals are the most comfortable sandals ever. These sandals are designed for a comfortable fit as well as a comfortable feeling. The upper of these shoes are made of extremely soft leather and the looking is so appealing. They are providing a cool soft environment so when you are walking, your every step become energetic to you.[irp]

    With plenty of support, they have a light colored outsole which makes the shoe very much stylish. The outsole makes a trendy look. They feature a nylon shank as well as a polyurethane outsole which make them more durable. The women get the perfect support in their walking time with these sandals.

    However, the price rate of these sandals are a little bit expensive but the quality can be delighted with you. Rather than the price of this sandal, the features can make you interested to have them we hope.

    • Extremely soft leather upper
    • Second skin leather lining
    • Providing a cool soft environment
    • Light colored outsole
    • One-component polyurethane outsole

    • Aren’t snug enough
    • Size may vary

    7. Teva Hurricane XLT Women’s Sandal

    Teva Hurricane XLT Women’s Sandal

    Teva Hurricane XLT is reaching the maximum comfort levels featuring water-ready sandals. Polyester webbing upper makes for durability. This is a classic sports sandal that can offer sports features also.

    Lugged and rubber outsole supplies extreme traction on your feet. You can enjoy your every step by wearing this sandal. This sandal is perfect for indoor and outdoor movement all day long. With superior traction, your arch position and support are maintained by this sandal.

    This sandal is best walking sandal for women and worthy investment sandals with those amazing functionality. You can also use them for hiking that means you can make them hiking sandals. Not only hiking but also walking this sandal fulfill your all support issues. This is definitely one of the best walking sandals for women.

    This shoe is budget friendly so that you can easily afford it. Make it on your sandal collection list. We think you don’t be hopeless.

    • Polyester webbing
    • Classic sport sandal
    • Lugged outsole.
    • Budget-friendly
    • Superior traction

    • Lacking an inner padding
    • Stinky and smelly

    8. Vionic Women’s Amber

    Vionic Womens Amber

    These sandals are not only really just cute but also provide perfect support. They have a wide range of design with several color variations. They are made with a rubber sole and synthetic upper. Microfiber-covered footbed gives the wearer super comfortable and flexible moving.

    As walking is the best kind of exercise and needs a super comfortable sandal, these sandals are super perfect for walking or any kind of outing.

    Orthaheel Technology features extra cushioning and care. They are better for heel pain so if you have bad heel pain you can certainly enjoy wearing this footwear. So you can treat these sandals as the most comfortable sandals for problem feet. So if you are looking for the best walking sandals for women, this sandal is perfect for you.

    • Rubber sole, synthetic
    • Microfiber-covered footbed
    • Orthaheel Technology
    • 4 adjustable straps
    • Better for heel pain

    • Run large
    • Size may vary

    9. Teva Women’s Omnium Sandal

    Teva Womens Omnium Sandal

    These walking sandals are very much popular and attractive to the customer because they provide a perfectly comfortable feeling with their products. Teva Women’s Omnium Sandal is a perfect sandal for outdoor activities. Teva is a well-known brand and always make some extra feature in their products. This shoe has also some extra features.

    An odor control technology is used for making you away from concern for your sweaty feet. An enclosed toe box is designed for protection. The pull-cord lacing system, quick-release buckle, shock-absorbing technology make the shoe an awesome user choice product.

    All the features and functionality can easily attract you to have it. So there is no worry to buy this sandal for walking all day long.

    • Enclosed toe box for protection
    • Pull-cord lacing system
    • Quick-release buckle
    • Odor-resist
    • Shock-absorbing technology

    • Feel warmer
    • Little bit heavy

    10. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk Pizazz Flip-Flop

    Sneckers Go Walk Pizazz for Women’s Sandal

    This sporty sandal makes with a textured footbed and printed straps, which make this sandal stylish and casual look. If you are very much concern for your outfit carrying your desired style, then this shoe is perfect for you. There different types of colors and designs can get your chosen level.

    This shoe is made with a rubber sole which makes it stable. Lightweight and secured fitting make are preferable for outdoor activities. If you have a plan for outgoing all day long and you want to wear a sandal, this sporty flip-flop sandal is best for you.[irp]

    It has a wide range of colors, different types of youthful design suits individual preference. High-rebound cushioning with responsive feedback protects you from any kind of injury or foot pain. A soft fabric lining removes your concern for moving.

    If you have a concern for your budget, this best walking sandal for women removes your all anxiety because it is budget friendly. So with the amazing design and color, you should make this sandal in your try.

    • Rubber sole
    • High-rebound cushioning
    • A wide variety of color
    • Modern and youthful design
    • Budget-friendly

    • Lacking in features
    • Loose fitting

    Criteria for Evaluating The Best Walking Sandal for Women

    From the huge features and criteria, we here describe the most important feature to evaluate best walking sandals for women. As a woman is physically different from a man, so they need some different features and quality in their sandals. And for walking a long period of time, the sandal must have some special feature. Let’s break out the features below:

    women walking sandal


    The important consideration is to how much support is delivered by the sandal you worn. For a long walking, the support should be more effective to remove the pain or prevent fatigue. A supportive outsole can deliver perfect support with your sandal. So the best walking sandal must be more supportive. The more support you get, the more comfortable you feel in your walking time.


    The footbed is the portion of your shoe which create a direct connection to your feet. It delivers the perfect cushioning as well as ensure the comfortable fit of your feet. So wearing a well-designed sandal is important for the health of your feet. Shock pad, EVA footbed, an anatomic footbed, shanks, etc are the different types of footbed that deliver you the good step on. Actually, it depends on the wearer choice, uses an arch position. When you are choosing walking sandals for women, you should keep in mind this thing.


    The type of sole is another feature that you should care for when you are collecting the best walking sandal for women. Actually, the sole is the part of a sandal which carries all the pressure on your body. It also faces the shock of the path you pass away. So a strong and super durable shoe is an important criterion for women sandal.[irp]

    There are different types of the sole in the marketplace. So to choose the right sole is very difficult. Lugged, rubber, dermabrasion rubber, camp, crepe, leather are some recommended sole for the top walking sandals.


    Materials carry how much cushion, how much support, what about the durability of the sandals. When the women wearer wears a sandal with the normal material, then it becomes deteriorate within some days. And if the materials carry bad elements, then it doesn’t last a long time. The water-proof material is important for the rainy season and good wool leather is necessary for the winter season. So for women walking sandal, you should consider about this feature.

    Odor control

    Everybody make sweat. Someone is more, some are less. So odor control technology is very important for the sandals. Because if you read the women’s walking sandals reviews, then you can easily know that every women’s want a sandal with odor control technology. Let look for an example. If you are walking with your neighbors or friends or any kind of relatives. On the way of your walking, you both want to take a rest. But when you both sit beside and a bad odor is come to your nose. How much embarrassing situation it will! So you should be careful about your sweaty feet.

    There are a different type of odor control technology. The different company uses a different method or process. Cleansport and Microban are popular odor control technology. These two technologies minimize the bad odor of your feet.


    Last, of all, you can choose a different type of stylish sandal. And for women users, there are different design and style available in the marketplace. One of the most stylish shoe’s brand is Birkenstock. There are other brands for a stylish shoe which are listed in our review. Teva, Keen, Ecco are some famous brands for women sandals. They really make some awesome shoes for women. Most of the shoes have some difference and quality to attract you. You can read our review carefully to find this.

    You can choose a normal sandal for your daily uses. But when it is a matter of outgoing, a stylish sandal with a great appeal is needed for you.

    The mentioned features are the most important features for the best walking sandals for women. Hopefully, you can get the perfect sandal, if you care about the mentioned features.

    The FAQ (Frequently asked question)

    Q1. How can I care for my waterproof sandals? Do machine wash is preferable?

    Ans: Actually it is important to clean your sandal to have a fresh movement and sound life. To clean the waterproof sandal, you can simply use your hand. You can take a soft cloth and a soap. After washing them, let them air dry. You don’t need to provide any extra heat for drying.

    If we say the truth, machine washable is not preferable. It can change your sandal design as well as shape. So don’t give your shoe for machine wash.

    Q2. Is there any difference between men’s sandal and women’s sandal?

    Ans: It is too obvious that the physical structure of a man and woman is quite different. There muscles structure and bone architecture are different. For this reason, when you want to buy a woman shoe, you must know which features offer the most comfort. Actually, the footwear company makes its product with special care for the woman. So you should collect right and popular sandals from a renowned brand.

    Q3. Does a woman look for women’s walking sandals with arch support? Then why?

    Ans: Actually arch support is very important for any person to make a suitable and comfortable walking sandals. Ans it is really important to look for a sandal with proper arch support for a woman. It helps them to walk with great comfort and stability.

    There are three types of arch support. They are high, flat and medium. Flat arch is very low and very close to the ground. The medium is suitable for anyone at any time. And the high arches are positioned you little bit upper to the ground and make you tall. But high arch causes many problems like plantar fasciitis as well as hell pain and so on.

    Q4. Is there any break-in time for walking sandal for women?

    Ans: Actually it is quite difficult to predict the break-in time for any sandal or shoe. Because different people like features and everyone’s feet are different. They take some period of time to cope with a new pair of sandals. On the other side, anyone can get the discomfort feeling for the first couple of hours of using.

    However, if you are getting any kind of discomfort and stiffness with any sandal, our recommendation is to wear them for the first couple of hour of a day.

    Q5. What is the best walking sandals for women?

    Ans: There are different types of sandals in the marketplace and a huge number of sandal’s brand here. Most of them have some special sandal for a woman. But considering the customer review, we find that Nike, Adidas, New Balance, and Vans are the most popular brand for sandals. Therefore you can easily buy sandal from these famous sandal brands.

    Conclusion: As a modern citizen, we should be updated with our choice of daily needs because we have to handle many things in many circumstances all day. So, if you make yourself stacked in choosing any daily commodities, it definitely wastes your time. And while you are looking for footwear, it is so easy if you make a visit to our site.

    From the above list of best walking sandal for women, you can easily collect your own sandal considering the features, functionality, budget-range, used technology of these sandals. You can easily pass all your walking day with these sandals. So, it is our request to read out all the sandal’s features properly to find out the best walking sandals for women that can meet up your desired requirement. Have an easy shopping.

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