A Helpful Guide to Make You Buy the Right Running Shoes

A Helpful Guide to Make You Buy the Right Running Shoes


Choosing the right running shoes is what makes you a better runner. No matter how well you have practiced, if your shoes do not fit you or are not comfortable for you, you can never win a race. Footwear is an important accessory not just for the runners but for everyone, having a variety of shoes like boxing shoes, hiking boots, slippers, heels, sneakers, etc., each designed particularly for different tasks highlights the fact that shoes are an essential accessory, as happy feet can help you walk or run as much as you want.

Likewise, to be a successful runner, you should focus on buying the right running shoes. Choosing perfect running shoes is not a problem at all if you follow these simple yet important guidelines:

The Kind of Running Shoes:

All the running shoes might look like sneakers or joggers to you, but each of them is specifically designed for a different kind of path. Depending upon where you are planning to run road, off-road terrain, or gym, you can pick the right kind for you. Running shoes are categorized as road- running shoes, trail- running shoes, and cross-training shoes.

As the term itself is self-explanatory, road running shoes are designed to run on roads, pavements, tracks, and other even surfaces. They are light weighted, flexible, and have smooth and flat soles. On the contrary, trail-running shoes are designed for muddy, rocky, and uneven surfaces. They have big, strong soles to protect your feet from stones and rocks. Moreover, they have a middle sole to give your feet extra protection against all the unevenness of the path. Whereas, cross-training shoes are for gym workouts or other such activities.

The Right Size:

Try before you buy is the most applicable rule when it comes to buying shoes. Your shoe size varies as you grow-up, it is important to try both the shoes yourself because in some cases one foot is larger than the other one. Moreover, shop for shoes at the end of the day because at that time your feet are swelled from working all day, so this might help you when your feet will swell from running, shoes won’t squeeze your feet then.

If you use any socks, put them on so you can choose the right size. Make sure the pair of shoes is neither too fit nor too loose but have enough space for your toe to wiggles and you can move your feet adequately. Lacing your shoes rightly is important because it can give your shoes a proper fit, for example, runners loop keep your heel in the right place.


By cushion, we mean the thickness and the firmness of material between your foot and the ground. The type of cushion depends upon the preference. They are categorized as a maximum, moderate, and minimal cushion. The maximum cushion has thick padding which gives a soft feel and is suitable for long-distance running.

The moderate cushion is neither too thick nor too soft, this category gives you a wide range of shoes to choose from. Minimal cushion means that you feel the hard ground beneath your foot and is preferred by runners who want to feel the hard surface. You can choose any of the cushions as per your choice or the requirement of the path you are planning to go running on.


Pronation is a natural phenomenon i.e. when you walk or run, your foot rolls inward and then propels outward. Different brands prefer to make shoes according to the pronation type. For example, if you have basic pronation and your foot rolls inward in a normal amount, then you choose neutral shoes.

Neutral shoes work best for supination i.e. when our foot rolls outward excessively. In case of overpronation i.e. foot rolls inward excessively which makes it prone to injuries, stability shoes are must-haves. They have a device to control pronation and are best suited for all types of runners. Stability shoes, as the name suggests provides the best stability. Determine your type of pronation and choose accordingly.

You can surely choose the right running shoes now by keeping these guidelines in mind. Never buy shoes by merely liking the color or seeing the brand tag. In cases of running shoes, fashion is overshadowed by the comfort and safety that the shoe offered. Choose yours’s wisely

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