The Mahabis Slippers Review & Rated

Shoes nowadays carry great value in your daily life not only for your moving comfort but also reflect your personality and choice. One thing must be added that the modern world-changing the outlook for outfit day today. So if you want to keep pace with the new fashion of the footwear, the Mahabis be a great choice for you. Their numerous collections of the shoe must be fulfilled your need. Today we are going to do the best Mahabis slippers review in 2019.

Mahabis offers a huge collection of slippers for all kinds of people. No matter if you are children, women, or what’s your age. And an amazing thing is that this brand provides you different types of slippers for any season.

If your feet are so wide or narrow, or if your feet are so sweaty, it doesn’t make a great concern if you choose Mahabis slipper as your footwear. There are many wool and traditional slippers with comfort and stylish look which mold your feet with comfort. Their malleable and lean body molds your foot without suffocating. For indoor or outdoor, you may find great comfort wearing those slippers.

“Mahabis slippers Reviews” -a great choice for your footwear

1.mahabis Classic 2 Slipper

Things We Like


    The first choice in our Mahabis slippers reviews Mahabis outdoor slippers. Their outdoor slipper offers you a tremendous feature in their new shoes. This fashion brand set out to reinvent this product for the 21st century. They redesign the outdoor slipper for providing a pleasant everyday outdoor experience.

    They have designed modern, unisex slippers ensuring the experience something timeless. The brand’s signature detail is an interchangeable outdoor sole and detachable which can put off within some seconds. The slippers helping you to pass your daily adventures with ease and pleasure.

    This Mahabis outdoor slipper’s latest design comes with a TPU performance-grade fixed sole where a multi-surface grip is included. The new design contains a super combination of lightweight comfort and flexibility they also include a technically woven upper that takes effortless to the next level. They add a sculpted foam in-sock and 100% wool lining with a view to making the slippers incredibly comfortable wherever you wear them.

    They become the fastest growing footwear brand in the world. So you should make a try Mahabis slippers to experience their super flexible and comfortable footwear.


    • Super lightweight
    • A technically woven upper
    • Contoured in sock
    • Lined with 100% wool
    • Unique outdoor sole


    • Soles may be separated
    • Colours are faded away

    2.mahabis Men’s Classic 2 Slipper



    Things We Like


                                                                                               The classic slipper of Mahabis slippers gives you the best classic look with great comfort. Without any suffocating experiment, you can wear their classic slipper all day long. They have been reinvented and redesigned this product for the 21st century. An award-winning style makes them more popular with the classical user.

    For example, if you have to attend a meeting with a great business, so you haven’t enough time to choose our footwear for that meeting. And the thing is, you must be kept in mind that you should wear a classic shoe for that meeting. At this moment, these classic Mahabis slippers gain the first priority for attending your meeting with a super classical look.[irp]

    A casual fit comes with a choice of colorful soles, provides you a perfect look with any casual outfit. Mahabis slippers come with the great features of the perfect balance of breathability and unbeatable comfort, soft wool blend upper, their signature detachable TPU soles for effortless walking for both indoor and outdoor. The shoes are lined with 100% lamb’s wool which is capable to provide warmth also with the ability to prevent overheating.

    The notable feature is their detachable soles. With a snap, you can easily go to outer from inner keeping the integrity of your rooms. The cushion-fold heels are designed for two things; folding the heel that can be worn up and providing cushioning and comfort with light heel support. Their heat control and airflow features become the obvious attraction to you.

    So if you are a classical footwear user, Mahabis is an exact brand for you that gives you a flexible and easier movement for both indoor and outdoor. We listed this classic shoe on our Mahabis slipper review for its detachable TPU sole and indoor and outdoor comfort.

    The price of the classic slipper is around $99.So you can easily have it.


    • Synthetic
    • Rubble sole
    • Detachable TPU soles
    • Soft wool-blend upper
    • Collapsible neoprene heel


    • Sometimes become hot inside
    • Lossy upper


    mahabis Flow Flexible Lightweight Slippers

    Things We Like

      Mahabis summer slippers are another best slipper from our Mahabis slippers review. A modern with traditional slippers and versatile summer slippers are made by Mahabis. Their summer range slippers combine a breathable, lightweight mesh upper with a woven textile lining. Mahabis slippers features are so adequate for the summer which keeps your feet cool and calm.

      Their detachable sole effort you to provide the perfect fit for indoor and outdoor. The upper mesh layer is hyper-lightweight which comes with excellent breathability. Actually, they are designed for summer but you can use Mahabis slippers all around the year. The foam-lined woven textile lining is so soft and can cool and protect your feet.

      And great news for this summer slipper is they are so cheap so that any kind of people can buy it. And their different types of color and design attract you much that you want to collect all the summer slippers.


      • Lightweight, breathable
      • Capable to control overheating
      • Hyper-mesh upper
      • Soft, foam-lined woven textile lining
      • Collapsible neoprene heels, cushioned insoles


      • Soles may fall off
      • Sizes may vary

      4.mahabis Curve Classic Slippers

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      Though you think that Mahabis gives you classic, outdoor, and summer slippers, they may not able to meet up your need for a luxurious slipper. But you become amazing that they also offer you a huge collection of luxurious slippers for indoor and outdoor uses.

      They have different color soles and slippers helping you to mix and match for making your own unique look. Mahabis luxe slippers are not only is a vision of comfort but also carry a luxurious outlook. It is the true investment for footwear when you are in downtime.[irp]

      A clean minimal approach beautiful upper gives a unique look to your outfit. Those two colors are their new arrival from Mahabis slippers. A perfect matching soles with parallel luxury for both inside and outside comfort. For its luxurious outlook and comfort, we listed this shoe on our Mahabis slipper reviews.

      They currently sell for $111-$189 for the luxe slippers. So you should have a try. Won’t you?


      • Premium European leather upper
      • Matching detachable soles
      • Two new colors: Karlstad noir and Borsen beige
      • Cloud-soft wool lining
      • Cushioned insole


      • No arch support
      • Little exclusive


      mahabis Outdoor Slipper

      Things We Like


      Mahabis Kids slipper is our 5th number of Mahabis slippers reviews list. Kids are always joyful to play and keeping them busy in running to and fro. They have no concern for their outfit as well as footwear. So need good and comfortable footwear. Mahabis slippers come forward with super flexible and comfortable slippers for kids. Their lightweight slippers feel your kid ease to use pleasure to move.

      They give a slipper as free and easy to let your child be childish and enjoy their time. A wool lining and hyper lightweight features give your child easy to use. If your child is busy with his/her playing all day long, Mahabis slippers for kids are a perfect choice for his/her. Freedom to play anywhere is the mission of their slippers for the kids.

      There are also some features to keep your kid’s feet cool and protected. Their iconic design and quality ensure you to provide the best experience for your kid.

      They introduce a newly fixed sole which is made from premium TPU. Thus their kid slipper is secured for their use. A soft foam lining, Collapsible neoprene heel and simple slip on and off quality attract you the most. And an additional feature is, they have a variety of colors for the sole which delight you much.

      So considering all the features they have, you can easily choose this Mahabis slippers for your kids.


      • Adult design, junior in size.
      • Perfect for all year round
      • Effortlessly wearable
      • Wool lined soft Tpu sole
      • Hyper lightweight


      • Little loosy
      • Minimal number of size

      Mahabis Slippers – Materials and Colors

      Mahabis slippers are made of a wool fleece lining and detachable rubber soles. The heel is made out of neoprene which makes your every step comfortable and cushy. The inside sole is made of nylon.

      If you are so choosy about the color combination, Mahabis gives a huge number of the collection to grab your own. There is a color combination for the rubber sole and the heel. Dark grey and light grey are the most preferable color. But you may choose your own from their versatile design.

      Daily usages

      You can wear Mahabis slippers in summer and winter without any concern. Also can wear them with socks and without socks. You can feel a pleasure movement in indoor and outdoor works. The rubber sole of it allows you to go outside without socks, but they don’t recommend that for your better feeling. As an example, if the day is a great sunny day and you just come back from your work; so it doesn’t need to put off your shoe entering in the indoor because their shoes provide a super flexible moving for your indoor or outdoor movement.

      And if you forget to get off your slipper and sleep away, you may not feel anything on your feet as the shoes have a breathable mesh upper, airflow control, soft lining, and collapsible heel. So for all-around the year, Mahabis slippers are the perfect choice for inside and outside the movement.

      Prices and collections

      The price of this fastest brand offers you cheap and flexible shopping because you may find your perfect slipper with a low budget. While you choosing your shoe in Mahabis, the concern for money get less than any brand. Versatile and preferable collections do fill your need with reasonable price.

      And their number of collections should be noticeable. Different ages, different types of people choose their products for a different purpose. The combination of the upper heel and the flat portion gives a sweet and rich look with your dress.[irp]

      The current selling rate of Mahabis slippers is $99 for classic and $187 for luxe. The difference is because of the luxe slippers is made of leather. Their delivery policy is so user-friendly that you can get your order so early with an easy procedure. you can buy this one from Amazon.

      # Mahabis Slippers Editions

      Mahabis makes some new edition in recent time. They have added to their collections here different type of Mahabis slippers reviews-

      • 1. Black summer edition
      • 2. Black outdoor edition
      • 3. Teal classic edition
      • 4. Navy luxe edition
      • 5. Pearl editions slippers
      • 6. Gold editions slippers


      • Black summer edition- The black summer addition Mahabis slippers come with a new look aiming with the summer uses. They have featured a multi-surface grip, contoured in-sock, soft touch. Actually, they are built to be worn everywhere. You may find extra comfort wearing this new edition. We added this on our Mahabis slippers review list.
      • Black outdoor edition- They keep their iconic silhouette but add a new signature to their outdoor slippers. Now they are full in black and lightweight and have a technically woven upper. You can use it all around the year. For black outdoor edition read 1st shoe from our Mahabis slipper reviews shoe list.
      • Teal classic edition- A new and amazing color they have added to their collections which can easily hold your attention. A limited edition with a teal upper and ivory sole. They combine comfort with a rich blue color by their latest release.
      • Navy luxe edition- Their Sortland navy luxe edition delight you much if you find a luxe new release. This slipper gives a beautiful look with its matching detachable sole and collapsible neoprene heel. They have 100% wool lining and cushioned insole to gives you better movement.
      • Pearl edition- They make a new look inspired by the sandy coast of Niva in Denmark. Their new pearl sole slippers combine a soft pearly look. A subtle pastel touch and pearlescent sole with great comfort grasp the attention of fashionable customers. We already reviewed number four on our Mahabis slipper review list.
      • Gold edition- Those slippers are designed to make a new level for slippers world. A gold-toned sole has released with an exclusive limited stock. They made with wool for warmth or breathable mesh and detachable outer sole. The color combination is very much attracted to the customers. So you should try it until it becomes stock out.

      Criteria for collecting Mahabis slippers

      Actually, Mahabis slippers are very much popular throughout the world. They produce footwear for every aged people like the man, woman, kid, etc. Mahabis make slippers for every season such as they have summer slippers, winter slippers and slippers for the rainy season.

      They make indoor and outdoor slippers with their special features and flexibility. You can wear them not only for your daily uses but also use them in your formal places. But before collecting their different types of slipper you should know about the main criteria that you need for your perfect cushioning. Now we figure out the main criteria that they have and you need.

      Lining upper

      Mahabis has 100% wool lining upper which delivers the wearer a perfect cushioning step on in many surfaces. Actually, their products are premium products. They are luxuriously soft on your feet.

      Detachable sole

      Most of the customer praised their detachable sole in Mahabis slipper review. This special feature let you use them in indoor and outdoor movement. Because you can use them in the house without the sole and can use them in outdoor with the sole. Do any slippers offer this super flexibility of uses? We think it is a delighting thing that you should be looking for in your footwear.

      Prioritize Season

      When you are collecting slipper for your daily uses, make sure about when you use them. Actually, for different weather footwear deliver different features. A slipper is best for summer can be worst for winter or watery season. So it is very important to memorize about the season of your uses. And Mahabis has different types of slippers for different seasons. So when you are in Mahabis collection, it is not a headache.


      It is very important to know about the durability of any footwear for any reason. Because if it does not last for an optimal time, there is no reason to buy them. Actually, it is a waste of time. Mahabis slippers are more durable compared with other brands. From Mahabis reviews, you can learn about this perfectly and truly. Because the customers give their feedback there which is really very helpful to others. If you use them with some care, definitely they last a good term of uses.[irp]

      There are some others features that you may notice when you collect Mahabis slippers. But those are the main criteria that you should follow when you are shopping for their slippers.

      The FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

      1. What are Mahabis slippers?

      Ans: Mahabis slippers are revolutionary invented slippers for which footwear are designed for the 21st century. They have designed humble slippers for any gender, any age and any season. Mahabis have slippers for summer, winter, rainy season which are specially designed for this particular weather.

      They also produce causal and regular slipper for different circumstances. They use innovative techniques and unbeatable comfort creating a slipper-like on another can. Their praiseworthy product gains customer appreciation as well as popularity. These are Mahabis slippers that can deliver wearable slippers for indoor and outgoing. There is a range of stylish and appealing slippers for your every adventure.

      2. Can I wash my Mahabis slippers?

      Ans: For your daily uses of any footwear, it is a common need to wash or clean the footwear. Clean shoes make you free to use it comfortably and help you to keep you looking fresh. Mahabis slippers can also be washed for your fresh look and comfortable movement. To keep your Mahabis fresh, use a damp cloth to clean and give them air dry.

      By letting them air dry, customers said in Mahabis review that they become clean properly like a new pair. But machine washing can be a risk because of it misshapes your slippers. So we don’t recommend machine washing. But if you really want to do this, make sure that the temperature is very low at about 30 degree Celsius.

      3. Does Mahabis have enough arch support or any support for the right position of the arch?

      Ans: From Mahabis slippers review it is known that Mahabis have good adaptive support for arch. They have foam in a sock that offers the proper support to the natural contours of the foot. Their outsole is also very much supportive to the wearer. If you collect the Mahabis slippers with the detachable sole, then you will notice about how lighter arch support they provide. They also provide a more relaxed fit.

      4. I am confused about the sizing of the slippers. Where I get the exact info?

      Ans: Actually it is very much confusing about the sizing of footwear. Because of sometimes different brand uses different sizing in their footwear’s. Somebody prefer size to down or some allow other for a little bit room. But Mahabis add a sizing chart which can help you in this regard. Check out their sizing chart which is very helpful to choose the right size of your slipper.

      5. Which materials do they use for making their slippers? Do the materials deliver perfect cushioning?

      Ans: Mahabis use a good range of innovative and premium materials for producing their slippers to ensure the customer’s comfort and flexibility. From Mahabis slippers review, it is very clear that their product has reached optimal customer satisfaction. They have been made incredibly comfortable footwear along with practical movement. They feature a contoured foam in sock, neoprene heels and TPU sole.

      Their classic slippers are 100% wool lining and wool-blend upper. Mahabis summer slippers are more lightweight, flexible and comfortable which is known from Mahabis summer review.

      Conclusion: Last, of all, I think you like our Mahabis slippers review. I would say that Mahabis is a world fattest fashion brand for any kind of footwear. They have the ability to meet up different types of customer’s demand. Their features for making your movement is appreciable and amazing. So you should experiment with their slipper for your daily uses.

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