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Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes Reviewed 2018

Last updated on November 20th, 2018

Tennis is such a sport where the players have to jump up and down all the playing time. Their foot support has to be very much good enough that they can enjoy their games with their full concentration. If you think deeply that you can easily realize that, in tennis, a player or participator have to not only run but also fly up and down within the total sports time. So the performance of his/her game is certainly depended on a good choice of his/her footwear. Today we are going to review 10 most comfortable tennis shoes.

To choose a tennis shoe the main and foremost factor in the level of comfort that experiences while playing this game. To choose the most comfortable tennis shoes, it seems to very much difficult because there are numerous shoes and brands. With a great experience, it is a little easy to collect the best tennis shoes. Here we expand our helping hand to find out the most comfortable tennis shoes with great researching as well as customer reviews.

Things to Remember

As the tennis players have to jump up and down all the time so they need enough supportive shoe. When you are collecting a tennis shoe you should keep in mind that the shoe must be lightweight. Because if it feels heavy in feet, they can’t move easily. The shoe should be durable, flexible, soft, breathable and easy to wash. Motion control, heel support, removal insoles, synthetic lining upper, memory foam insole, rubber outsole, mesh upper, enough traction, proper arch and ankle support, shock absorbable inner, slip resistance are the features to remember when you are collecting the most comfortable tennis shoes. Additional features make you more supportive than the footwear should be capable to control the proper air circulation on their feet.

10 Most comfortable tennis shoes 2018

  • 1. Adidas Barricade 2018 Boost Men’s Tennis Shoe

most comfortable tennis shoes 2018Reviews & Photos on Amazon

Adidas is the most famous brand for sports and athletic footwear. This brand makes their position in the marketplace with their high-quality product and user-friendly features. Barricade Boost has also the same quality to be popular. With it’s appealing features the Boost becomes the benchmark for durability, stability, and support on the tennis tour.

The court-hugging prowess of the Barricade Boost attracts all the tennis player. Seamless Forged mesh upper gives a perfect soft feeling in the feet. The upper of this shoe is enough breathable as well as softer with excellent protection in the vulnerable areas. The ankle color features memory foam technology which really locked the feet into the shoes perfectly.

The shoe also can adapt to your natural movement. While you are on the court, this tennis shoe provides you the most comfortable feeling so you can easily make a good performance. If you are a promising tennis player make a try of this shoe. An additional news is it is also listed in the most comfortable walking shoes for men.

  • The court-hugging prowess of the Barricade
  • Seamless Forgedmesh upper
  • Adapts to your natural movement
  • GEOFIT® construction
  • Soft fabric lining

  • Little bit expensive
  • Size may vary

  • 2. New Balance Men’s & Women’s 996 V3 Tennis shoe

new balance womens tennis shoes reviewsReviews & Photos on Amazon

This is another running shoe from a popular brand. New Balance 996V3 is a knit nylon upper series. This model of New Balance offers a great cushioning with its foam insole.

The durability of this shoe is good enough overall. There is an adequate breathability shoe with Ndurance technology for the long run and knee support so that the player can get the perfect support for their knee. They are preferable to road shoes. So you get the best performance on the solid hard surfaces.

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However, the air cushion of this shoe may fail to attract you. But it offers good performance with the versatile color choice. You can collect a colorful playing shoe from this popular brand. So you should make a try.

  • Manufactured of knit nylon upper
  • Ndurance technology
  • Includes head-turning design
  • Versatile color
  • Provides great stability and traction.

  • Little snug
  • Not for wide feet

  • 3. ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe

most comfortable tennis shoes for menReviews & Photos on Amazon

The Asics Gel Resolution 7 provides premium comfort and stability. Those tennis shoes provide Gender-Specific Cushioning which is very much relighting. Those shoe fir on the feet very well and nice and don’t move around the feet easily. So the players get a proper support with the shoe.

The Flexion Fit Upper of this shoe features perfect comfort. Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning provide extra cushioned and the PGuard Toe Protector enable your feet to step on the court frequently.

Those shoes are specially designed for a tennis player and heels felt very comfortable too. They also serve as the best shoes for walking and standing all day so the players can make a try of this shoe definitely.

  • Gender-Specific Cushioning
  • Flexion Fit Upper
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning
  • PGuard Toe Protector
  • 6-Month Outsole Warranty

  • Slightly longer
  • Runs Tight

  • 4. Nike Court Women’s Lunar Ballistec Tennis Shoe

best tennis shoes 2018Reviews & Photos on Amazon

This shoe is considered one of the most comfortable tennis shoes because of having the amazing and sports-friendly features of this shoe. The reason to be the most comfortable tennis shoe is, it is the choice of Rafael Nadal, who is 15 times Grand Slam Champion. And most of the tennis players and his fans like this shoe for their favorite player. It is also the best walking shoes for travel.

But we must ensure you about the quality of this shoe. Because nothing can come on the top without any worth. The pioneered Flywire cables of this shoe are built in the upper to hold the foot in place. There is a padding around the ankle which delivers the perfect cushioning. The lace-up quality is really amazing which can hold your feet properly when you are on the court.

Besides all the amazing features, the break-in-time of this shoe is very minimal. So the customer is really appreciated for this shoe for its durability. Our recommendation is to choose the right size of this shoe and enjoy a decent playing time.

  • Pioneered Flywire cables
  • Hold the foot in place
  • Padding around the ankle
  • Considered as most comfortable tennis shoes
  • Break-in time is minimal.

  • Only white shoes
  • Size may vary

  • 5. Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 for Women’s Tennis Shoe

tennis shoes reviews - most comfortable nike shoesReviews & Photos on Amazon

Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 is one of the most preferable shoes for tennis player especially women players that they are really pleased with this shoe. Those shoes are considered the extremely comfortable and compact shoe. The Ortholite insoles of this shoe provide the perfect cushioning in your feet.

It helps to wick moisture from the feet. So it is really an amazing thing that this shoe provides you not only comfort but also gives a caring environment. So the tennis player can make a great a performance in the court all the playing time. The sports footwear is very much lightweight, soft and breathable so that every step of a player is being easy and supportive.

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Among the most comfortable sneakers for walking, this shoe gives excellent ankle support and natural flex. The shoe has some different color. So the women can choose from a variety of colorful shoe. If you are a promising tennis player you should collect this shoe. Hopefully, this famous brand can fulfill your all demand.

  • Extremely comfortable and compact shoe.
  • ortholite insoles
  • Wick moisture from the feet
  • Lightweight, soft and breathable
  • Excellent ankle support and natural flex.

  • Size may vary
  • Runs fast

  • 6. Mxson Women’s Sneakers Tennis Shoe

best tennis shoes for standing all day

Reviews & Photos on Amazon

This most comfortable tennis shoe is made of fabric and synthetic materials. The amazing features of this women shoe are also at the top of the most comfortable walking shoes for women. Stretch breathable mesh upper of this shoe make a proper way to provide enough air circulation system.

This women tennis shoe is specially engineered outlook and outsole which provide your every step full energy, fast and light. Arch support insole is very much support that it gives the midfoot the best support when you move on the court. Stretch web rubber outsole is lightweight and elastic. So the women can feel the super flexible movement and make a great performance.

Besides all the features the shoe is capable of closely fit to help you reduce irritation. That is really an amazing feature especially for the tennis player because all the time they have to jump up and down.

  • Stretch breathable mesh upper
  • Specially engineered outlook and outsole
  • Arch support insole
  • Stretch web rubber outsole
  • Closely fit to reduce irritation

  • Size may vary
  • Not enough soft

  • 7. Slazenger Men’s Gents Tennis Sport Shoes

most comfortable tennis shoeReviews & Photos on Amazon

Are you planning for playing on the glorious and beautiful glass at the time of summer? Then no doubt Slazenger Mens Gents Tennis Sports Shoes is perfect for you. This brand makes this shoe with a padded ankle collar and tongue for comfort which gives you a proper support in the real or artificial grass court.

Fastening Lace-Up features a super fit on your feet so you can easily move in the court. Reinforced TPU arch shank quality of this shoe delivers an extra arch support which is a very much important feature for being the most comfortable tennis shoe. They are also good shoes for walking all day so you can use them for walking time.

The price rate of this shoe is too much affordable. We think you don’t have to worry about the price. You want to collect several pairs of this shoe we guess.

  • Fastening Lace-Up
  • Reinforced TPU arch shank
  • Herringbone grip pattern
  • Absorbed shock efficiently
  • Awesome and attractive price

  • Feels heavy
  • Use only real or artificial grass

  • 8. Lotto Women`s Ultrasphere All-Round Tennis Shoes

tennis shoes for standing all dayReviews & Photos on Amazon

This sports shoe is very much familiar with the most famous tennis player such as Alize Cornet, Karin Knapp, and Danka Kovinic. For their huge endorsement, this shoe of Lotto become too much attractive and popular with the tennis players. It is specifically engineered to be a more cost-effective variation with the most comfortable feeling.

The shoe has two customizable ortholite insoles in the shoe box. It helps a player to boast with the sweat-wicking technology. So the players who have sweaty feet don’t need to worry about their feet’s smell.

  • Endorsed by most famous players
  • Specifically engineered
  • Tennis Shoe with Enerturn
  • Two customizable ortholite insoles
  • Boast the sweat-wicking technology

  • Looks bulky
  • The minimal number in color

  • 9. JACKSHIBO Women Lightweight Air Cushion Comfort Running Shoe

comfortable tennis shoes for nursesReviews & Photos on Amazon

JACKSHIBO Women Lightweight is another popular tennis shoe for women. It features some special quality that you can easily be attracted by those.

The shoe has some amazing features such as Knit tennis fabric, PU and rubber sole, Exceptional ventilation, Air cushioned design, FLYKNIT technology, Adaptive padded tongue, With PU soles. All the quality of this shoe offers the perfect cushioning and support to a tennis player. We think you should make a try with this shoe and enjoy a pleasant playing.

  • Knit tennis fabric
  • PU-and-rubber sole
  • Exceptional ventilation
  • Air cushioned design
  • FLYKNIT technology

  • Minimal number of color
  • Size may vary

  • 10. Head Revolt Pro 2.0 Men’s Tennis Shoe

most cushioned tennis shoesReviews & Photos on Amazon

This Head Revolt Pro 2.0 Men’s is the newest iteration which offers a lot of durability and stability. They redesigned seamless upper in the generation which delivers excellent and breathable support to provide more comfort. The rubber sole of this shoe makes it more durable so that you can use it in a long term.

The shoe features a 4D shell which has internal frame construction to provide durability and stability. The shell of this shoe is constructed from KPU for providing the tennis player a great protection & durability. Ortholite sock liner of this footwear is built for lightness & breathability so that the players can feel a flexible movement.

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However, this shoe is a little bit expensive and the color variation is minimal in number. Without this concern, all the features can delight you too much we think.

  • Rubber sole
  • 4D shell has internal frame construction
  • Constructed from KPU for protection
  • Ortholite sock liner
  • Adaptive padded tongue

  • Little expensive
  • Minimal color variation

Criteria for collecting most comfortable tennis shoes

From various features of shoes, here we find out the main criteria to evaluate the most comfortable shoe. With our great research and work experience, we will offer you the best review. The main factors are described below:


Tennis is such a sport where you have to move as fast as you can and also a thing as quick as you can. Because it is a real-time game where every second is very important to the player. So you need an outsole with super grip support that helps to move quickly from one direction to another direction. The shoe requires an outsole which is sturdy that provides you a great grip in your underfoot.

The outsole also can protect you from an injury like Achilles tendonitis, joint pain, lower back pain, and any other health discomfort. So it is the most considerable thing when you buy shoes for tennis.

The comfortable tennis shoes should have a rubber outsole so that the harder surface will take a bigger toll. Some best tennis shoes 2018 have contained high abrasion rubber outsole for delivering the perfect support to the players. You should also see what types of rubber sole it has for your secured and stable grip.


The midsole is the portion of a footwear which deliver you the stability on the court. It ensures that you get the required stability, support and cushioning which allow making a good performance in the court. It allows you to play at the top of your gaming time. A good pair of tennis court shoes has a midsole that provides a plenty of shock-absorbing capability to minimize the injuries.

A midsole helps you to land with a lot of impact prevention which keeps you secure. It also helps you to minimize the stress and ankle as well as knee pressure. So it is mandatory for being the most comfortable tennis shoes.


Actually, it is not a much unknown thing that everybody wants a perfect cushioning footwear for everywhere. It is very familiar that a player must need a comfortable footwear for not only improving their performance but also delivering enough support. Tennis shoes must be comfortable, lightweight and flexible. If toe cheek out the different tennis shoes reviews, then you can easily know that how much important the cushioning for the tennis players. A perfect comfortable footwear makes them more advanced in their sports as well as keep them a pleasure to play the game with more concentrate.


You should know that the most comfortable tennis shoes for standing all day have to have those materials which deliver them the perfect comfort, ease of movement and flexibility of use. The upper materials of a tennis shoe should be very supportive and flexible to the players so that it allows them to freely move, without getting them bothered or any kind of stiffness.

Actually, the tennis shoe companies are aware of the demand for this sport and make their shoes upper with such materials that can offer the proper support as well as keep their foot steadily in place. The materials should be soft as well flexible so that the shoe can prevent any discomfort or shock inside the shoe.

Sports shoes of today are made with perforated upper. The Vionic tennis shoes also give great care for the upper materials of which is known from their Vionic tennis shoes reviews. Many popular brands use mesh upper, knit upper, synthetic leather etc. You can collect any kind of these upper depending on your court surfaces.

It is very important that what types of socks you are wearing in the game. Sweaty feet from normal feet should be aware of this regard also. So you should be very careful about the tennis shoe for making a successful tennis career.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

1. What is the difference between tennis shoes and any other kind of shoes?

Ans: Tennis shoes are quite different from any other shoes because tennis shoes are intentionally designed for multitudes of ups and downs. They must allow increasing the stability and agility. Because the tennis players have to run the whole court and jumping a lot. So they need a perfect support of stability as well as comfort. With all the features, a tennis shoe should have a great supportive outsole for optimal surface grip depending on the court type that is they played.

2. What type of shoes or sneakers should use for a baseline tennis player?

Ans: For the baseline players they need heavy-duty support as most of the baseliners to play on the back of the court. They should collect a shoe which can emphasize their stability. The proper support and stability they get, the more they can make a great performance. So they should look for a shoe or sneaker with more stability and grip support.

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3. Would the surface of the court differ the types of footwear? What kind of footwear is preferable for different surfaces of the court?

Ans: There are basically three types of court surfaces. Most of the court are include these three types. They are:

1.Hard/concrete, 2.Soft/clay, 3.Multi

Hard surfaces court player can be benefitted with leather materials integrated with the outsole of the upper. These shoes should be ultra-supportive with the great ability of bouncing.

Soft courted shoes are more concerned about traction. So the shoes for soft surfaces court should have a good traction support with optimal upper materials. They have to grip the court.

And multi surfaces court shoes have the combination of both. They are specially designed for both hard and soft surfaces.

So when you choose the most comfortable tennis shoes, you should keep in mind what surface you are played in.

4. Would I look for that types of tennis shoes which can deliver a safe movement? Or what type of health issue should I consider in the tennis shoes?

Ans: There are great chance to make any kind of injury in the tennis game. Because the players are playing the game without concerning about their health and focus on their performance. So every tennis player should choose a tennis player which can protect him/her from the frequent injury. And obviously, there is some health issue that they should consider.

Some tennis players are falling in Achilles tendonitis or joint dispatch or any other physical discomfort. So you should consider this issue and should collect a better, comfortable and supportive shoe.

5. Do the heel support is very important for the tennis players?

Ans: Definitely yes. A proper heel support provides a tennis player more confident and support while they are playing. From tennis shoe reviews,

You can easily find that the customer is looking for a perfect heel supportive tennis shoe.

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6. What is the most comfortable sneaker for tennis?

Ans: Great tennis players require shoes that expansion their spryness and continuance and bolster their quick developments. The most comfortable sneaker for tennis that we show above which have adaptable and soft soles, designed to retain the running effect.

7. What is the best brand for tennis shoes?

Ans: The best brand for tennis shoes is Nike and Adidas. These best company always made their shoes with best features and element. They made tennis shoes to provide good traction on outside courts, enough cushioning, durable and comfortable.

8. What are the best tennis shoes for your feet?

Ans: The best tennis shoes for your feet which provide great arch support in a durable, flexible walking shoe. Adidas Barricade 2018 Boost Shoe is one of the best for your feet.

Conclusion: Finally, we can hope that we can make a helping hand for the tennis player who is really want to be a promising tennis player. We select those tennis shoes for considering the features, functionality, and prices. You have to choose your most comfortable tennis shoes with your own choice considering our reviews. Tennis is a very much real-time sport. So if you want a great tennis player you must be careful about the footwear you wear. The more supportive shoe you wear, the more you make a better performance in the court.

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